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½ March 23, 2017
Okay, so for a start, the monster looks kinda silly, but if you're willing to look the other way on that front (and I am, as a fan of the original short story), there's a pretty decent little horror film here. A pagan god is released from the Earth and proceeds to debauch and devour everything around him.

It's not perfect, but it is a fairly serviceable version the source material.
October 17, 2016
Silly looking demon and some bad acting, but several fun gore scenes.
½ August 10, 2016
Simply awful. And not the good sort of awful
May 22, 2016
"Rawhead Rex" I think the name alone sold me on this movie. Set in a Irish Catholic country side, this demon-monster movie is simply glorious and gets better with every watch. The monster worshiping preacher really helps set the stage as Rawhead goes around devouring people like someone coming off a 7 day cleanse mixed with some bath salt consumption. The film has that classically obvious fast forward look that makes the movie that much goofier at times of high tension. The best part of the whole movie and why this will forever be a horror classic is simply that Rawheads face is out of this world rediculous. He looks like a monster that went through a Bert Reynolds like face stretching and just makes me laugh.
April 9, 2015
Yeah pretty terrible
August 29, 2014
I wish they would remake this movie! I understand that trying to watch this movie now might have the same effect as it did in the 80's but the plot was good Rawhead himself while not looking all that great was a true monster the scene where he took that kid outta of the car and ate him was wild for the time. i just hope someone takes a chance and reboots it.
July 31, 2014
The guy gets baptized in piss...not like a vile of piss or anything like that.... he gets pee'd on by this giant bitey demon...
½ February 16, 2014
The story itself is kinda goofy, but the movie is even worse.
January 19, 2014
Made me laugh, but i guess it would be scary, if it were real
January 13, 2014
great monster movie remake hopefully in the works
½ November 26, 2013
you have to really try to get past the look of that monster to enjoy this...thats beyond bad.
½ November 3, 2013
This is the worst movie I've seen this week... and I watched Creepshow 3 last night. Waste of time, do not bother.
October 31, 2013
Its awesome and one of the best monsters out there
½ August 22, 2013
A good low budget monster film with irish people, explosions and good gore--Retro-chiller For Brit Horror Fiends!!
½ July 21, 2013
Crazy old school movie...
March 31, 2013
I was 6 years old when I first watched it and , it did scared the crap out of me, after many years later I own it and still love it, as ridicule to others I think is one of the good "real monster" movies with good effects (for its time) compared to paranormal activity crap saga this is by far the best, it is a low budget but don't have the cheap effect, they should do a remake with the new tech and have it more gory or with a more darker side. what I can say that I don't like
much is the police trying to stop evil with guns and that they don't see that is an ancient creature. as a matter of fact today 03-31-2013 im watching it!
February 25, 2013
it's so bad that it's good. this needs to exist on dvd or blu-ray.
½ February 16, 2013
it has an atmosphere that makes it worth watching. It has its faults but I liked it. Worth a watch if 80s horror schlock tickles your fancy. And the obligatory 'jiggling breasts' shot is hilarious.
January 24, 2013
When a farmer decides to move a giant stone in his field, he unleashes an ancient evil that terrorises the local Irish countryside.

An adaptation from Clive Barker's Books Of Blood, which a screenplay written by the author himself, 'Rawhead Rex' should be a great film, but what we have is a mixed bag. The story is engaging enough and is steeped in Irish mysticism, but it just never seems to get going, and one feels that major changes were made to the story during the shooting without consulting the author . The acting is not fantastic, and though it is not particularly wooden, it falls foul of strong Irish accents that just end up sounding like comedy impersonations. The special effects are good where it comes to the gore, but the title creature itself is not very well visualised, and looks like some kind of giant ape. In the end this movie is ok, but could have been a lot better and really hasn't stood the test of time.
November 3, 2012
It was funny though...:P
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