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March 20, 2016
When we are not blind when we know when we are owned as slaves and owned when we being played. When being blind, doesn't mean we are stupid or made as fools. We know our place, when we lived far too much in different places where we are not appreciated, wanted to now being wanted and appreciated. We walk away from bad people whom treat us bad. When we can recall where it all began to whom got us there then and whom got us there now. When we know all to we'll when someone hustles us, but other times we have to face blindness can't see everything or every time we are hustled. We can't see to Somethings we are not welcomed to by others, and others we are welcomed. When we are assisted along the way, to being haunted by not offering assistance to other things. When we have always lived on the edge, need to escape it all, get our mind away from things, when we are traumatized by our past. When we recall the time when we did go blind. When each song or hit is homage to something in our past that got us there. "Baby Let me Hold your Hand". But can't recall to how we went blind, it was all a mystery. When we are good, for a reason, when we have followed the greats. When we choose not to follow others to follow our talents elsewhere. When we are only good, when we are original and have our own sound. And some songs/hit are from someone else's mind. When we just don't know how he does it. When he is different than most men, not based on how he sees in being blind, but by how he sees in how he sees life in his music and real life. When he hears how he sees, god given gifts. When some gifts are hidden and great. When some gifts he can see without eyes. When some gifts that came straight from God we make our own from songs to a great wife. When the Devils gifts are also great, that makes changing god music for sex for money even more better. When others are no fool, and are not blind. When we can see how good we are and wanted that our senses besides our eyes are enheightened to want things. When we are coming around with our own sound, by our god given skills and devil's hand. When we are becoming a greater hit, and make fools out of everyone whom we betray, abandon, leave behind. When we lost our eye on whom got us here, whom nourished us, made us grow and whom got us there along the way. When we havent lost our way on some aspects, the wrong ways we kept and right ways we left behind. When we are less gospel, and more devilish that we enjoy that got us here. When we have a larger fellowship, larger sound, larger profits, larger label, that we care what people say, so much different from life growing up. When we are handed to the world so early and unable to see, cared for to get an education for blind people, that have to take care for ourselves. When being fooled when we least expect it, in time where things are getting bad, we take a stand. When it's a time where being different isn't accepted. When we are accepted for some things we do, but other things which is unlawful. When it's both that is not accepted, when its conflicting with people's values, views, households, life, money, politics and religion. When all what we do is due to being alone in the dark, all our life and in the industry of sound we lead.
March 2, 2016
Ray's excessive lenght is overcome by its talented cast - led by a powerhouse performance from Jamie Foxx on the title role - resulting in a entertaining biopic.
February 6, 2016
Jamie Foxx is brilliant as Ray Charles!
January 7, 2016
Well words could never say how great Jamie Fox was at acting this roll. Very interesting to learn more about the music legend Ray Charles' life. The dangers of drugs and addiction are shown well, it is just too bad Ray couldn't have used his fame while living to steer others away from the same pitfalls he fell into. Great movie though.
½ January 4, 2016
A very thorough and interesting biopic, Ray portrays the legendary musician in a very realistic and surprising way, and Jamie Foxx's performance is completely outstanding.
½ December 15, 2015
My only issue is that at times, Jamie's lip-syncing was very noticeably off but his performance as Ray Charles Robinson was otherwise flawless.
½ December 13, 2015
Ray doesn't settle for being a melodramatic celebration of its star. It digs into Charles's past and uncovers the dirty truth about the legend. Jamie Foxx is absolutely incredible in the role and offers a deeper look at the man. He shows all the baggage he had to carry and the things he was able to accomplish in spite of his flaws. The supporting cast is strong, the music is amazing and the movie around him his excellent, but Jamie Foxx brings Ray Charles to the screen in a splendid fashion.
December 11, 2015
meh. graded well (hated the flashback stuff though), story/whole just didnt do much for me, though im normally not a fan of watching junkie type stories or people who cheat and lie, so- kinda everything about this film. Odd casting choices for some roles as well which just seemed off (in a Brad Pitt 12 years kinda way).
½ December 6, 2015
Amazing performance by Jamie foxx however the film follows a basic format.
½ October 20, 2015
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September 6, 2015
Great performance, good story, good film
July 29, 2015
Good story and by the end you'll forget just for a time it's NOT Ray Charles on screen but Jamie Foxx in his best and one of the years best performances.
July 2, 2015
Jamie Foxx captured the essence that is Ray Charles. The voice, the mannerisms, and the look, it was as if Ray Charles was doing the acting himself. An obvious favorite for many and myself. Foxx won the Academy Award for this performance for a reason. This is a must see.
June 4, 2015
Jamie Foxx's performance is as smooth as the real Ray Charles.
June 3, 2015
Phenomenal. Ray is one of my favorite autobiographic movies. Jamie Foxx isn't playing Ray Charles. He IS Ray Charles. It's one of the greatest performances in the history of cinema. The movie is passionately made by Taylor Hackford and features beautiful cinematography.
May 26, 2015
Jamie Foxx puts his soul into an excellent portrayal.
½ May 26, 2015
Fascinating! Jamie Foxx was magnificent! While it was a tuff story, it was well worth the watch!
½ May 8, 2015
Jamie Foxx IS Ray in this movie!
May 1, 2015
Film charting the life and times of jazz singer Ray Charles including A stand out performance from Jamie Foxx
½ April 26, 2015
By this point it's pretty hard to do something original with a biopic, and now that I've seen several of them (particularly the musical kind) a pattern has emerged. Typically, they will pick a time period in a person's life/career and focus on a certain personal struggle and how they overcome it. With musicians, this often involves women and substance abuse. 'Tis the same story with Ray Charles. RAY focuses on Ray Charles' beginnings in the music business up through the point at which he came clean off of heroin (around 1966). To round out the narrative, there are flashbacks to his childhood and an extended coda which ties up a significant plot point from before and serves as an epitaph to his life and career (the film came out several months after his death). Because so many biopics follow the same formula, what distinguishes them from one another (other than the subject) is the quality of the performances and the ingenuity with which they are put together, and RAY certainly stands out from the rest thanks in large part to an excellent central performance by Jamie Foxx. The way he inhabits Ray Charles is uncanny at times, although the straightforward dramatic scenes verge on mimicry in a way that stands out more when juxtaposed with the performance scenes. For me, the performance scenes work better because Jamie Foxx was able to capture a realness and immediacy that comes from someone who is intimately familiar with performing music on the stage (as Foxx is also a singer). Beyond that I thought that the editing, particularly in the musical sequences had a certain kinetic energy that brought the performances to life. However, I found it a little distracting that Ray Charles' voice was coming out of Jamie Foxx's body when there was a few early scenes where Jamie Foxx used his own voice to sing. Even still, I got used to it after a while. In general, I thought that everyone gave a good performance, and the film had an excellent ensemble cast. One thing I also thought was done rather well was the hallucinogenic nature of the flashback scenes, which added a layer of artfulness as inner turmoil, with Ray Charles feeling guilty about how his younger brother died. What I felt didn't always work was the general formula and obligatory dramatic moments which hit again and again just how dependent Ray became on heroin. I got a little tired and frustrated with it in WALK THE LINE (although that came out the following year, and followed RAY's playbook) and felt the same way here. Yes, it was a compelling arc to have in a general sense, but it's something that's been played out a little bit too much, in my opinion. Despite the formulaic nature of the plot and story, I had a great time with RAY because of the talented actors who brought it to life, and the energetic and soulful musical numbers. RAY might rely a little too heavily on formula, but at least it's a winning one.
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