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Real Steel Quotes

  • Charlie: "Fight smart, be patient and pray."
    Charlie: Fight smart, be patient and pray.

  • Charlie: How old are you? Nine? Ten?
    Max: I'm eleven.
    Charlie: Okay... are you sure?
    Max: Yes. I'm sure I'm eleven.

  • Max: I want you to fight for me!

  • Max: Now you're concerned for Aunt Debrah? You sold me for 50 grand!

  • Max: People's Champion?.... Sounds good to me.

  • Little Sister: 15 dollars, seriously?
    Little Sister: 5 dollars, seriously?
    Ricky: No, I need 15 dollars IMMEDIATELY.
    Ricky: No, I need 5 dollars IMMEDIATELY.

  • Max: I challenge Zeus to a fight!

  • Max: Don't worry. Your secret's save with me.

  • Charlie Kenton: he could take any robot in this place. you know that
    Charlie Kenton: He could take any robot in this place. You know that.

  • Charlie Kenton: Will you say something, please? I tried. What do you want from me?
    Max: I want you to fight for me.

  • Max: Oh shit, it's Tak Mashido.

  • Max: Help!!
    Max: Help!

  • Charlie Kenton: I'm a little slow, but I got it.

  • Charlie: Ricky! Enough! Enough!
    Ricky: Can't hear you over the sound of your robot being destroyed.

  • Max: Peoples Champion... Sounds good to me
    Max: People's champion? Sounds pretty good to me.

  • Bailey Tallet: Twelve-hundred miles for a kiss?
    Charlie Kenton: Worth it.

  • Charlie Kenton: This is what it's all about!

  • Charlie Kenton: You know your bringing him home in pieces,right?
    Charlie Kenton: You know you're bringing him home in pieces, right?

  • Max: I'm coming with you, or you're fishing for your keys. (almost dropes his keys down the sewer)
    Max: I'm either coming with you, or you're fishing for your keys in the sewer. [almost dropes his keys down the sewer]

  • Max: His name is Atom. Get'em a fight.

  • Max: What are we looking for?
    Charlie Kenton: Anything I can use to put a fighting robot together.

  • Charlie Kenton: Let's make some money!

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