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½ February 21, 2012
With multiple Hong Kong gangsters, it is decided who wants power and the person to be in charge. Herman Yau directs a good film with a good story behind it with some good performances. Most of all I only saw this film because Elanne Kwong is in it, and she surely pulled off another good performance.
December 13, 2010
It's about time HK gangsters movies spew more vulgarities like this piece.
½ November 29, 2010
E o Ășltimo do ciclo de Hong Kong. Acima de tudo, coerĂȘncia - adormeci tambĂ (C)m um pouco neste filme. Uma histĂłria competente de gansters, pouco mais.
August 14, 2010
The side cast is a surprise, especially Paul Wong and Jun Kung. Though the twist ending is expectable, it is still not a bad HK gangster movie.
½ May 30, 2010
I haven't seen a great gangster film from Hong Kong since the mid-late 90s. This one certainly brings back memories of the good ol' days. Interesting and thrilling plots with characters with their unique personalities, and at the end, a bomb explodes within the minds of the audiences.
April 30, 2010
Herman Yau's mysteriously delayed Rebellion finally surfaces, and while the wait in some ways was worthwile, the end result is however something of a letdown. For a movie that's been in the works for so long, Rebellion seems disappointingly hurriedly patched together, and features a suspiciously righteous stitched-on ending, puncturing the marvellously noirish build up. But thankfully there's a lot of good stuff on the way. Rebellion takes place during one night, a narrative devise that worked great in One Nite In Mongkok and PTU among others, and sets the mood rather effectively here too. Rebellion sadly loses some momentum about halfway through, but Yau soon picks it up for a great dark finale in blood. The setting is perhaps an all too familiar one, but Yau's spin on triad politics is entirely his own, and by employing the usual blend of veterans and fresh faced popstars in the cast, Yau makes these cartoon characters work.
March 27, 2010
In order to support HK movie, I watched two recently, this one is ok as I like to watch movie which talks about "Criminal Organization" (Black society). By watching this, I think of my own situation which I live in... got the same darkness and same dirty things... anyway, I like Ada Choi so much as she really looks smart. The story is ok and I give it 0.5 star more since I watch this for free~ haha~
March 8, 2010
What I like about this is the script tries to tell a triad story (as most HK films do these days as if there is nothing else interesting about the place but I digress) but with a difference (and a few twists to go with it). And for that, I applaud their intentions and efforts. The story develops nicely and engagingly with the director's style and flair on show and would have been a 3 1/2 but let down by some serious overacting which is not uncommon in HK cinema, while on the other hand, I find the lead - who tries to be a bit subtle (or is that his way to act drunk?) and ends up looking broody and constipated. Ripe for a remake perhaps a la Infernal Affairs? Perhaps - if only I can be sure this isnt reminiscent of something else I have seen before. Hmmmm...
March 7, 2010
The first half of the movie was quite boring, you get the usual swearing, mopping, boasting. The only exception was Shawn Yue's perpetual fatique and pacifist tendency, the theme that the director emphasizes continuously. Once it got to the point when Shawn intended to kill Chapman To but ended up fending for him due to an unexpected crowd chasing after Chapman with a knife, the plot became fascinating.
½ February 6, 2010
tried ... but a complete failure ! Luckily I watched this on a flight .. its not even worth RMB7 for the LO FAN DVD ...
½ January 17, 2010
A surprisingly above-average HK gangster flick. Writer-director Herman Yau returns to his infamous Category-III route and loaded his film with colorful profanities sorely lackluster in the like-minded genre these days. The cast are adequate, particularly Chapman To in his rare non-comedic performance as a foul-mouthed loose cannon gangster.
½ January 10, 2010
A typical HK gangster movie. When one boss goes down, all hell breaks loose as the turf wars erupt. Lots of swearing, lots of knife fights. Pretty predictable.
January 4, 2010
The profanity was quite strange and somewhat overdone but I didn't think the movie was too too bad. The surprise ending was not too surprising but still good to watch. Still can't believe Paul Wong would pick up this gig though...
January 1, 2010
Interclan rivalries come to a head in a quite tame thriller. A well acted movie but you feel something is missing
December 31, 2009
macam filem 'young and dangerous lor...'
December 28, 2009
nothing special.
would be better without telling you all the hidden stories at the last five minutes...
why HK movie always like that...
December 14, 2009
Five triad leaders and their ever changing two-faced politics, a deep undercover police officer, badass looking street fight scenes and Shawn Yue as a reluctant gangster... well, nothing special, but the evening had been saved ;)
December 13, 2009
if you can stand through the repetition of guys answering cell phones and meeting lol then this movie is for you. even with the big twist/reveal it wasn't enjoyable because it was poorly written (thriftness on clues, story doesn't advance)
December 6, 2009
This is yet another film about HK triads and their fights. I like the tension buildup. 6/10
½ November 12, 2009
OMG is Shawn Yue ever in a movie that's not about cops & mafia???
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