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July 24, 2016
ReBoot's last two seasons represented the best CGI had to offer at the turn of the millennium. Paul Dobson and Tony Jay give stellar voice performances, and the rest of the cast was good too. The only qualm I had with this movie is the obvious problem that it ended on an unresolved cliffhanger. Even if they do manage to resolve it in the new ReBoot reboot, it's too late to get Tony Jay to voice his character again. But that speech he delivered at the end was one of the most sinisterly quotable monologues I've ever heard. So even if you don't like movies that end unresolved, you should still see this one.
December 5, 2009
ReBoot is one of the best shows ever created. period. Up to this day it's still one of my favorites. Can't wait for to new movie to drop in 2010!!!
Super Reviewer
March 14, 2009
ReBoot was one of the best shows ever produced. The first season took some time to get going, but it was the second season, and that epic finale that really announced the arrival of this show. The fourth season was actually two movies. This is the first. The characters from the show must now battle a new virus after finally taking care of Megabyte. Daemon, whose existence was hinted at during the third season, is no Megabyte. The villains of ReBoot were the real stars. They were complex, each one given detailed relationships with the heroes. They would often join with the heroes when need be. Daemon may not be as likable, but she is just as interesting. Her plans to unite the world coming off as slightly admirable. In a wonderful twist Hexadecimal is somewhat good, she is still untrustworthy and a loose cannon, but this is her time to shine. The animation is the same quality as the previous series and the vocal talent is simply amazing. Make sure you have your pop culture reference hat on for some great background gags, and the twist ending is confusing in a good way. It makes me want to watch the next ReBoot movie, which I will do...
November 1, 2008
first half of season 4!!! :D
why would they make s. 4 into two movies???
March 15, 2008
not as good as i expected. but good to see the lose ends tied up
February 28, 2008
Hex deserves a spot on a top villains list somewhere, especially after the events of this movie.
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