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In this inspirational sports drama, a talented but drug-addicted basketball player cleans up his act and devotes his life to teaching Harlem children to play the game.
R (adult situations/language, sex, violence)
Drama , Television
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HBO Video


Don Cheadle
as Earl Manigault
James Earl Jones
as Dr. McDuffie
Michael Beach
as Legrand
Loretta Devine
as Miss Mary
Glynn E. Turman
as Coach Powell
Colin Cheadle
as Young Earl
Ronny Cox
as Coach Scarpelli
Tamara Tunie
as Miss Marcus
Chick Hearn
as Himself
Cress Williams
as Kimbrough
Kevin Steward
as Cedrick
James Allodi
as ER Doctor
Karen Arruda
as Harlem Girl No. 1
Sherri Arruda
as Harlem Girl No. 2
Harvey Atkin
as Marly Glickman
Wren T. Brown
as Pluckis
Kevin Garnett
as Wilt `The Stilt' Chamberlain
Mitchell Butler
as Earl `The Pearl' Monroe
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[img][/img] Like all the best movies no one has heard about, [b]Rebound: The Legend of Earl "The Goat" Manigault[/b] was produced and shown on [b]HBO [/b]in 1996. I was thirteen. And it was the first film about heroin and basketball I'd ever seen. To this day, however, it still remains the best film about basketball, save [b]Hoop Dreams[/b]...but that's a documentary. [b]Rebound [/b]is a sobering biography about the best basketball player who ever lived and his struggle with heroin. And unlike [b]Requiem for a Dream[/b], which is a scare tactic with art-school visuals, [b]Rebound [/b]focuses on usage and the surroundings; homelessness. The steam coming up from the sewers, the wet pavement, and a bad liver's grogginess. This was also [b]Don Cheadle's[/b] first starring role and definitely still his best. HBO has always put out wonderful things, and [b]Rebound[/b] stands today as a 'tragic and uplifting' take on divine healing that'll make you cry. ... [b]Jesus' Son [/b]is it's quirky compatriot containing [b]Billy Crudup's [/b]best performance; also one of my favwite films. [left][img][/img][/left] [left]...[/left] [left][img][/img] Another [b]HBO [/b]film that is tragically ignored comes close to being the best war film (that goes to [b]The Thin Red Line[/b]). [b]When Trumpets Fade[/b] was broadcast on HBO in 1998, the same year, and right around the same time, as [b]Spielberg's[/b] moral-bullshit epic [b]Saving Private Ryan[/b] (which is good).[/left] [left][i]The battle, one of the bloodiest in the history of modern warfare and one of the most unneccessary, was fought near Aachen in a forest approximately 14 miles square. It was fought mostly by the 12th, 8th and 28th Divisions all of which were nearly decimated. Because of its tactical uselessness the United States Government all but denied the entire affair ever happened until we involved ourselves in Viet Nam, an affair Hurtgen should have warned us against entirely. The uselessness ended only when the German's pulled their forces out of the Battle to engage themselves in the Battle Of The Bulge. (author credited)[/i][/left] [left][b][img][/img][/b][/left] [left][b]Ron Eldard[/b] plays a thoroughly unpatriotic and cynical loner who survives battle after battle miraculously to which his superiors promote him with a platoon of new recruits to lead into the meat grinder. Don't really know much about his other works, but he was pretty damn good in this film, even if it mostly contains soldiers screaming, wetting themselves, and running the opposite way. I don't think Hollywood would have stood for this...again...thanks be to Home Box Office. It sucks when a film is important yet has no audience.[/left] [left]Dwight Yokam also has a part as a stubborn superior who keeps ordering the failed attacks. He's pretty good.[/left] [left][img][/img] ("don't you love my gloves, corporal?") [/left] When the soldiers do march on occupied territory, into howitzers and fog, they each whisper to each other, "nobody dies." The phrase is a reference to the book and film "A Walk in the Sun (1945)", where "Nobody Dies" is the platoon motto. Both book and film deal with similar effects of war as "When Trumpets Fade". [left][img][/img][/left] [left]Everybody died. (edit: [b]A Midnight Clear[/b] is also an excellent and overlooked war film) [/left]

Water Cooler
Water Cooler

Rebound is about Earl "the goat" Manigault a play ground legend who had it all. but do to drugs n crime it all came to a hault. This is a amazing story about a usung legend, This is the firs movie i reconize Don cheadle in, and prolly his best preformance a must hace and a must see

khalvic brown
khalvic brown

Super Reviewer

Best basketball ever. Hands down. Also has a cameo from Kevin Garnett playing Wilt the Stilt. One of Cheadle's best.

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