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½ January 3, 2013
Thursday, January 3, 2013

(2009) Red Riding: In The The Year of Our Lord 1974

The first of three films based on David Peace's novel starring a young reporter Eddie played by Andrew Garfield doing an investigation for the Yorkshire Newpaper about a stream of missing children only to leading him to corruption.

The first of three films which happends to be the best one since it offers a small glimmer of hope as oppsed to the other two.

3 out of 4
½ January 3, 2013
Red Riding: 1974 is a masterful blend of drama, mystery, romance, and thrills; and for a film that only aired on television, it is incredibly good. Andrew Garfield - who is really the only reason I was interested in this - delivers an excellent performance on par with his work in The Social Network, and the rest of the supporting cast is very solid. Cinematography was also beautiful - I really loved the dark setting established, as it really helped with the mood of the film. I have some minor gripes with a couple scenes - most of which simply raised many questions in my head - but I'm sure the next two films will make up for that. All said and done, though, this is one of the most well-acted and intriguing mystery movies I've seen since The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.
½ December 11, 2012
This stylish, well conceived film about a serial killer and the internal corruption of a police force is intimate enough without having to rely on the gruesome details of its morbid goes beyond the usual stereotypes of the genre but often loses sight of the investigation mainly because of its love story.
November 18, 2012
A quick word of advice when watching this triolgy; get into it. Get some scotch, a few cigars, sit down on a Friday evening by yourself, turn the subtitles on because its very British, and just absorb yourself in to the movies. Don't focus too mightily on the ending, instead appreciate the journey and the descent into maddness that this film treks. There is something very Joesph Conradian about the trilogy in my opinion. Now if you do it one sitting its about 5 1/2 long, but its a godd 5 1/2 hours.
November 17, 2012
Well-directed, but written with like ALL the neo-noir cliches... and no amount of pensive direction is going to cover how ludicrously poseur-y the story is. Or Life on Mars meets State of Play, minus the awesome, or with Andrew Garfield getting beat up a lot instead of John Simm crying. Rebecca Hall, I really want to like you, but why do you only show up in movies as all the movie-female-cliches?
½ November 8, 2012
Very bleak but worth watching once.
October 27, 2012
So far it looks like the girl with the dragon tattoo meets boy a. Lol. Idk maybe the 2nd one will be better.
October 24, 2012
Gripping, intense, atmospheric.
October 7, 2012
Gritty and unflinching beginning to the Red Riding trilogy.
½ October 3, 2012
I truly well crafted crime/mystery film. It shows the brits are still in the game! Also, kudos to Garfield, he was very fierce in this movie, especially near the end. Very against type for him. Well done all around.
September 27, 2012
Incredible. Garfield & Bean keep every second gripping
½ September 20, 2012
Stylish and relatively interesting, but nothing particularly special.
½ September 18, 2012
A really good murder mystery with great acting and directing. It caught me by surprise.
Super Reviewer
September 17, 2012
There are so many questionable scenes in this film, which make the film very intriguing to watch, as it is a trilogy, and all the answers will come forth later. Some of the dialogue makes no sense to me, but it is beautifully filmed and well-plotted, making that okay. "Red Riding: 1974" is essentially about finding a killer of children, but quite honestly, there is so much more behind the screen than you make think. Andrew Garfield is brilliant as Eddie Dunford, the journalist who is in deep investigation. The acting is top notch here and the filmmakers really know how to tell a compelling story. This is a great film!
½ August 1, 2012
Spider-Man v. Ned Stark!
July 30, 2012
Well done British crime drama. Some may find it very slow. I will make my final judgment after watching the whole trilogy.
July 23, 2012
Cruda, realista, bien tratada, muy buena.
½ July 20, 2012
Eddie Dunford (Garfield) is a young journalist who becomes interested in a series of child murders, starting in 1969, with the latest being just a few days before he begins learning more about the case. The victims are all young girls between the ages of eight and ten, with horrific hours before their untimely deaths. Dunford goes head on into the story to get the scoop before anyone else, and before long he begins a relationship with a victim's mother (Hall). But before long, it seems that there might be more than meets the eye, and the woman he's beginning to fall for may not be who she seems. "Red Riding: 1974" is one of the parts of a British television mini-series, followed by "1980" and "1983", all three having a serial killer as their topic. "1974" is dark and creepy, not only due to an atmospheric and gritty Yorkshire as its setting, but an ominous mystery is always lurking in the shadows. Just the look of the film gives off a sense of dread, but the aspect that "1974" wants us to be so scared of is that corruption is everywhere, and the fact that the police world is part of it is truly chilling. We see it go deeper and deeper, until the point where it's truly disturbing. This isn't light entertainment, but for those who can appreciate the tone Julian Jarrold is trying to set, it's really just an extremely realistic look on what might have happened. The performance by Garfield is terrific: he plays a young, confident, and brash journalist who darkens the more he gets sucked into the world of crime. He's flawless. The slew of excellent supporting performances are all masterful too: particularly Hall, who plays the moody, unpredictable femme that is just the right touch. Don't be fooled by the fact that this is a TV-film, because "1974" is better than most crime thrillers in movie theaters. 4.5 stars.
½ July 19, 2012
Superbly written, paced and filmed this gritty tale only suffers from being the opening of a trilogy and therefore ends on too open a note to satisfy in itself. Garfield is brilliantly cast as the young and ambitious reporter who wont rest to uncover the killer of a local girl. The TV quality aesthetics are no distraction as the 2 hour story unfolds in dramatic fashion and leaves you wanting to see the next part.
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½ July 13, 2012
From the time that Stieg Larsson's Millennium Trilogy had become a world wide accomplishment in crime fiction, there has been a rather large productions of crime fiction films being adapted into cinema. One of which is the Red Riding Trilogy, originally written by David Peace. Now, I know that it is something of a bold statement to say that these crime novels were adapted purely based on the success of Stieg Larsson's novels/ films, but in a way, that seems to be the main idea. Mostly due to people wanting to have a new found taste in crime. But, this is about Red Riding: In The Year Of Our Lord 1974.

Okay, first thing that I need to talk about in terms of this film, and one of the main slashes against it, is how difficult it is to understand anything that any of the characters are saying. Now, this is mainly a problem due to how thick their accents are. The plus about this is that it allows the film to have that dark, British atmosphere that just makes things all the more creepier. The negative is that you can not understand anything that any of the bloody characters are saying. So, take it as you will. Me personally, I liked it because it just added to the atmosphere and the acting itself explains what the characters are saying.

With the direction, nothing really stood out. I mean, yeah, this film was gorgeously shot and the idea of having all the gruesome details spoken about and never shown really did add a good bit to the film. But there are some things that the film could have done without. Mainly talking about the six or more sex scenes that occur. I am glad that you never see anything too explicit, but after a while, it does kind of get irritating and starts slowing down the pace.

The one thing about this film that I need to speak of is up and coming star Andrew Garfield. Prior to this film, I saw him in David Fincher's The Social Network and he was fantastic in that film. But here, he is able to steal the show. What mainly impresses me is how he was able to copy the British dialect, the presence, and basically become a character that I doubt he could ever really pull off. But here he did. At the time this review is being written, he is currently promoting his film The Amazing Spider-Man. It is a pity that most American audiences will know him for being in red and blue tights and not as a deranged, sex loving journalist. He is, and will probably be, the main reason why most people will want to see this film and he does not disappoint.

In the end, I am a sucker for crime fiction and what we have here is a rather nice, dark start to a film series that chronicles that corruption of the law, the Yorkshire Killer, and the way how anyone tries to stop the hero. Yeah, the film is hard to watch due to the dialects and how thick the accents are, but if you must, put on subtitles and watch this film. Trust me: you won't really be disappointed. Yeah, it is not great or a masterpiece, but it is worth a watch.
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