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September 4, 2012
Funnier than 90% of the actual TV shows on air. Highly recommended.
April 17, 2012
July 28, 2011
It will go down in history as a classic comedy
June 28, 2009
Hilarius and enjoyable, RvB Season 1 is a DVD worth buying if your a fan of Halo and/or machinimas. This DVD is about two sides battling for a boxed-canyon in the middle of nowhere. The characters include the 1940's sargent, Sarge, the kiss-up, Simmons, the lazy Grif, the pink-armored moron, Donut, the smart aleck, Church, the perverted Tucker, the retard, Caboose, and the mercenary, Tex.

This DVD's comedy is both classic and great. It is something everyone can enjoy. I give it a 5/5.
March 23, 2009
While Red vs. Blue is insanely random and absurd, it is also infinitely hilarious. The clever dialogue never seems to get old and all the hype it has produced is well deserved.
August 13, 2008
Red vs Blue is comic genius and continues to be through four more seasons, spin-offs, and Reconstruction.
June 25, 2008
Although is seems a bit much to review a "movie," made using a video game, Red vs. Blue simply impresses me. The mastermind behind RvB, Burnie Burns, really knew what he was doing, and the preformances given by both himself, and his crew, make for one absurd, but rewarding adventure, in Red vs. Blue Season 1.
The story is NOT that of any other comedy film, especially more recent ones, which are heavily cliched, and revolve around either people getting hit by stuff, or the misadventures of a young couple... Anyways, the story is relativly hard to follow, but also has a very smooth pace to it. You quickly figure out who is who, and how they differ greatly from each other, ultimatly taking out the idea of character development, and making room for the comedy the series is known for. The overall plot is simple, and the events that take place around it are the most amusing aspects of Red vs Blue. In conclusion, the story delivers, and does not disappoint, but is pretty basic, even for a comedy series that is really not meant to be taken seriously.
The is really not much that can be said about the visuals, since everything is acted out through a video game engine, Halo. You can't really say that the visuals are good, since Roosterteeth didn't develope them, nor can you say they're bad, simply because they aren't. However, the way they have the weapons lowered was an impressive addition that, up to that point, was almost unheard-of in the glorious art form that is Machinima. To add, the way that they cleverly added in different layers to the existing enginge, such as gravestones, or a wedding dress, was nothing short of impressive.
The execution was very well done, since, for the most part, all they had to work with was an Xbox controller. Because of this, the already well done camera work is made better by the fact that they were so limited. The dialogue given by the Roosterteeth team feels completly natural, and not exactly like acting. It's almost as if they were actually there, in Blood Gulch, living out those experiences. The head bobbing trick was very useful, and it seems that only RoosterTeeth have perfected it.
There isn't much to say about Red vs. Blue, it is widley considered one of the best Machinimas out there, and probably is. There are some minor flaws, but the pros most certainly outweigh the cons, making Red vs. Blue a high reccomendation to any fan of raw humor. There are no puns that can be mentioned, and the comedy seems to revolve around the utter stupidity of the marvelous of characters. I find it ironic that one of the best comedy films out there is technically not film, persay. Nevertheless, Red vs. Blue is more than movie quality, and definatly feels like someting you would go and watch in a movie theater.

+ Original humor (Doesn't rely heavily on slapstick or puns)
+ Simple, easy-to-follow story
+ Unique characters
+ Dialogue feels natural
- Sound quality could be better

Story: 76/100
Presentation 80/100
Execution: 96/100
Final Score: 87/100
½ June 18, 2008
Are you a geek? Do you like comedy? Regardless of your answers to these questions, you have GOT to see Red vs. Blue! With dysfunctional teams, a talking tank, and light-red armor, Red vs. Blue is a recipe for success!

Note that the audio on the DVD wasn't the best, due to this being early in the RvB era, before the crew got their recording techniques just right. That's the only reason I didn't give it 10/10.
May 30, 2008
Red vs Blue is an amazingly hilarious Machinima show based on halo that deserves everyone with a sense of humour's attention
June 23, 2007
OK seriously, Red vs Blue is one of the funniest machinimas out there and will always be an inspiration to those who love machinima. [i]Red vs. Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicals[/i] is a true work of art.
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