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May 1, 2014
It's not even so-bad-it's-good, it's just a dull hour punctuated by four or five amusing moments.
½ April 3, 2014
Propaganda at its finest, this is amazingly hilarious!!
½ March 19, 2014
more comical than anything else
December 26, 2013
My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.
½ December 25, 2013
wonderful propaganda to help make the american public demonize a harmless plant
½ November 23, 2013
It's confusing and messy, despite the good messages it tries to spread. The general layout is messy and it seems to ignore the large factors. Ultimately, it didn't do much to change the decisions of the youth.
November 21, 2013
Fun to see the over the top degeneracy that comes from reefer madness. Campy cult classic.
November 17, 2013
Almost no actual story here. The idea of this movie is a lot funnier than it actually is. Shameless old timer propoganda. Its as silly as possible without ever being funny.
October 31, 2013
Reefer Madness tells the story of a group of young people who are led to violence, death and madness by marijuana, and is one of the most infamour propaganda films ever. It is still cited in the news and in popular culture, though its reputation as a cult hit is hardly justified by the quality of the movie, that swings from laughable to dull, and only occasionally genuinely interesting.
August 16, 2013
When police officers are rolling their eyes and making fun of an anti-drug film, you know it's a classic for all the wrong (right) reasons.
August 15, 2013
So misleading that it is downright hilarious but also cringe worthy
½ August 8, 2013
watched this on netflix...this was one of the craziest movies i've ever seen...
July 22, 2013
A powerful and poignant look into the startling dangers of one of the most dangerous drugs of - HA! HA! HA! HA! Oh man, you gotta love this film.
July 22, 2013
A classic piece of shit, I saw this old propaganda film on Nostalgia Critic, and I agree with him when he says this film is so overly propaganda that it's laughable. Although the message of the film is agreeable and good, the affects of marijuana definitely seem overexaggerated. The film's 1930s like behavior and world is just so funny to watch.
The film doesn't have much of a story. Basically a bunch of 30s teenagers who get exposed to drugs by gangsters, get high and then do all of these crazy things like playing the piano really fast and killing your friends. It's hilarious to watch, and I actually find the scenes before everyone gets high funnier because the character of Bill is such a wuss, he refuses to drink soda and tells stories about his mom's cooking. It's an awful propaganda film that is so overexaggerated that it makes things like Cindy Goes to a Party look like a gangster film.
½ July 16, 2013
So funny!
July 2, 2013
Certainly a very odd film. This is what is known as a propaganda film that was created to show the affects of drug usage mainly marijuana. This film is filled and packed with things that just do not make sense and hinge heavily on the fact that if you were to smoke this drug, it will change your life forever. Things happen that are not true, and over the top things happen. This film was made as a means of scaring the youth to not indulge in drugs. A very bold attempt at the time as I am sure this freaked a lot of youngsters out for the 30's. But it holds up very poorly in this day and age. The facts are inconceivably wrong, and as mentioned it relies heavily upon shocking the audience from false information. To sum it all up...
This movie is definitely worth a watch as it is a great time capsule of the drug craze of the 30's. It definitely grants perspective to anyone who watches and can possibly shed some light on past american film history. It's not terribly long just shy over sixty minutes and doesn't exactly drag on. I say give this one a watch if you are a cult film fan.
June 9, 2013
Thanks Brian it saved my life.
½ May 29, 2013
One of the most famous pieces of anti drug propaganda ever made. It is unintentionally hilarious.
May 19, 2013
Anti-Marijuana propaganda
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