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½ July 21, 2017
cosa tan mala y sexo y desnudos injustificados.
August 22, 2014
Reel Evil is a found-footage paranormal flick directed by Danny Draven and starring Jessica Morris, Jeffrey Adler, Kaiwi Lyman-Mersereau, Jim Tavare, Galen Howard, Lino Dumont and Spencer John Olson. The movie follows struggling film makers Kennedy, Cory and James who are hired to shoot a 'behind-the-scenes' documentary for a major studio production. The story has the young crew spending down time on the shoot exploring an old hospital facility that seems to be rife with entities. It is a classic case of haunting of malevolence. This film comes from Full Moon, a studio that whether you love them or hate them has a pretty tight systematic approach to horror that has lasted for decades.

The story for Reel Evil is pretty cut and dry. A standard tale of haunting where the spirits are far from friendly. The film uses all the expected tricks of found-footage that has come to define the sub-genre so there is nothing new within that aspect of the movie. The effects are a blend of traditional organic effects combined with the more modern CGI produced material. In this film the director took care not to over use the computer generated effects so that what is used is tolerable. When it came to the gorier organic effects there was just as much care taken and it provides expected realism to those necessary moments. The story is a good story which is entertaining and convincing. It doesn't seem contrived or forced upon us. The actors are pretty tight in their performances and give a believable performance as well which makes the movie watchable.

Reel Evil could have been one of those opportunities for the studio to shine but unfortunately as a horror story the movie fails. The director seems to have forgot the main ingredient-the thrills. There are absolutely no moments in this film that are scary or suspenseful at all. It is a pretty standard ghost story that tells a great tale but beyond the standard cookie cutter pattern of story telling there is nothing that stands out about Reel Evil. Watch knowing it will be a cool ghost story from a staple studio in the horror genre but don't expect to be scared or have those intense moments of suspense because they are just not in this movie.
½ November 16, 2013
It's not even funny bad.
½ August 9, 2013
Interesting premise, nice effects, good enough acting, and then... terrible execution, stupid dialogue, MUSIC (no no no no, not necessary in a found footage), far too much sex appeal, no scariness, little to no suspense, and unintentionally funny. Blegh. Skip it.
May 30, 2013
A found footage horror film with a little bit if scares and a lot of sex & nudity...over all I liked it!
February 7, 2013
pretty good horror movie
January 26, 2013
Holly shit that was a scary ass movie!!!
January 13, 2013
Yes its a rip off version of grave encounters but still worth watching.
January 6, 2013
Bad ripoff of the excellent "Grave Encounters". Nothing more.
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