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Regarding Henry

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Although Harrison Ford makes the most of an opportunity to dig into a serious role, Regarding Henry is undermined by cheap sentiment and clichés.



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Combining elements of A Christmas Carol and Rain Man (1988), this modern-day parable of greed and redemption was crafted with generous helpings of sentimentality by director Mike Nicholas. Harrison Ford stars as Henry Turner, a slick, ruthless corporate attorney willing to spin any falsehood to win a case. A bully to his teenage daughter Rachel (Mikki Allen), Henry also cheats on his wife Sarah (Annette Bening) and treats everyone from the maid to his assistant with cruel selfishness. Stepping out to a local mini-market for a pack of cigarettes late one night, Henry accidentally interrupts a burglary and is shot in the head by a stick-up artist. After a long coma, Henry survives only to find that he has no memory and must re-learn everything from reading to tying his shoes. Reborn as a friendly, childlike innocent, Henry charms his therapist (Bill Nunn) and reconnects with his wife and daughter, only to uncover some secrets about how truly appalling he once was.

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  • Jun 22, 2012
    Regarding Henry was a decent drama about a man who must learn his life all over again. Harrison Ford does a good performance, but its very difficult to take him seriously in this kind of role. The story is trying very hard to be some deep and dramatic tale but it ends up feeling very overdone and melodramatic. It has some good themes but it just doesn't have the story or characters to truly show it. There was a really good movie in here somewhere, but its hard to see it.
    Bradley W Super Reviewer
  • Sep 06, 2010
    A beautiful, sad, yet hopeful movie. I loved it. I think it's Ford's best dramatic role I've seen. If you're a fan of his, you have to see this.
    Aj V Super Reviewer
  • Feb 17, 2010
    Harrison Ford is Henry, a ruthless lawyer who has little time for his wife and daughter. He loses his memory after getting shot while attempting to buy cigarettes. Harrison Ford's transformation from the unfeeling lawyer to the loving, family oriented man makes me realize that we humans must often suffer loss before we recognize what's most important in this life.This is an overlooked classic with a touching story portrayed realistically that the whole family can enjoy.
    Deb S Super Reviewer
  • Aug 03, 2009
    Ford is great but he has to be in order keep this movie even close to average. Full review later.
    Thomas B Super Reviewer

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