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September 3, 2016
Great guilty pleasure...Gerard Butler, Matthew M and Christian Bale all in one movie? EPIC
½ July 29, 2016
Saw it in the theater. Thought I'd watch it again....15 years later. Men. Still underwhelmed.
July 24, 2016
Ive loved this movie ever since i saw it for the first time (that was like 20 viewings ago). I mean, who doesnt love a good Dragon story right? The movie features Christian Bale, Gerard Butler, and a fantastic performance from Matthew McConaughey. I find myself yet again loving a movie that involves Bale, not that his performance was outstanding in this film but that i tend to love films that he is involved in. Something my wife often heckles me about and my fanboyish love for all things Bale. Never the less, Reign of Fire is about the accidental unearthing of a dragon which then proceeds to somehow (something that is really never addressed in this film) to procreate and thus create a legion of dragons that descends upon humanity destroying everything in their wake.

Fast forward a few years and we now have an older character (portrayed by Bale) who is basically the guy in charge of a small commune of people held up in a old castle. They find themselves having to rebuild and feed themselves without modern technology all the while still avoiding the threat of dragons as much as possible. After having an unfortunate confrontation with a dragon we see the arrival of Van Zant (McConaughy) and his dragon hunter soldiers. While at first its hard for the commune to believe that Van Zant and his crew are actually dragon hunters it doesnt take long until they put their reputation to test which unfortunately ends with the loss of some of the soldiers lives.

The ultimate prize for Van Zant is tracking down and destroying what he believes to be the only male dragon of the species and destroying it will allow the others to die off without the possibility of reproducing any more dragons. Unfortunately Van Zant is caught off guard by how hard it is to kill the male dragon and not only loses 98% of his unit but it also ends up costing some of the lives back at the castle. So Bale, who knows where the male is hidden because of his personal knowledge of the initial contact of the beast devises a plan with Van Zant and a female helicopter pilot named Alex to go and destroy the dragon themselves. With great acting and some really really great graphics and design work this movie plays out flawlessly.

While Dragons tend to appear in various films generally in smaller roles i have never enjoyed a dragon flick quite this good since Dragonslayer (1981) in which the dragons are the main concept of the films. While the story has a few holes it doesnt suffer all that much and actually plays out pretty well. Certainly worth viewing if you are a fantasy geek.

My rating: 10/10
June 4, 2016
Wildly fun genre mash up, combining the post apocalyptic film elements with medieval fantasy. While digging up the streets of London, a construction crew unwittingly unearths (ALA "Quatermass and the Pit") a long dormant dragon. The film then picks up years later an most of the earths human population have been killed by a scourge of dragons and have been forced to go into hiding, living off the ruins of the old world (most of the world was destroyed by nuclear bombs in an attempt to kill all the dragons). The film follows one group who have gone into hiding in a medieval castle, led by Christian Bale. The film does a great job of setting up their world, showing how they hide from the dragons, how they get their food, and their primitive living conditions. Their world is then rocked when an American para-military group shows up, led by a swaggering, axe-wielding Matthew McConaughey, who claims his group are dragon hunters. This film has a pretty gonzo set up that could easily have been made into a cheesy (though probably still enjoyable) Charles Band picture, but this film was directed by frequent "X-Files" writer/director Rob Bowman, who brings utter seriousness to the film. Much like the "X-Files," stories with a far fetched premiss can either campy or done with utter seriousness. Camp is a lot easier, but often times films that want to be serious become unintentional camp, but in my option (which isn't shared by everyone) is that this film does manage to pull it off. McConaughey and Bale are both undeniably actors who can pull off serious dramatic roles that there do so very well here (though I'll admit McConaughey does dip into camp at a few points). You also get future serious dude Gerard Butler in a supporting role. For me the is film totally works as an interesting post apocalyptic action fantasy film, but at the same time I can also see that this film coming off as completely ridiculous to audience members whoa re not fans of these types of genre films or not willing to suspend disbelief. The underused Izabella Scorupco also appears in the film.
May 21, 2016
I enjoyed it. Nothing like dragons with some great actors
½ May 20, 2016
First rate sci fi Drama (McConaughy a little over the top, though). Convincingly creates a post-apocalyptic world - with lots of dragons. "The only thing worse than dragons are Americans."
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May 15, 2016
What a waste of talent! Christian Bale,Gerard Butler, Matthew McConaughey, Alexander Siddig -- and not a single moment when acting mattered. Why wasn't Ben Kingley in this schlock -- it seems tailor made for him! (Think: "Blood Rayne", but a little better.) This film is muddled beyond belief, but it's pretty, so that counts for sumin'.
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May 6, 2016
Far from a terrible movie but nothing great too, The whole idea is old but hardly ever been done, Mathew McConaughey was very over the top, The action was ok but nothing new, I must admit the dragon effects look pretty good for its year, It's pretty fun for a quick watch but very forgettable.
May 2, 2016
Decent effects and performances given the time and budget, but it can't elevate itself quite to the cult status it wants to reach.
March 10, 2016
Surface level entertainment with great leading men.
February 25, 2016
This is a fun movie that was constructed with a lot of heart. Easily watchable if you enjoy any of these inclusions: 1. Dragons 2. A nicely filmed Tank 3. Matthew McConaughey.
½ February 14, 2016
L'idea certamente carina, ma la trama sviluppata malissimo nonostante abbiano messo in campo fior fiori di attori. Devo ammettere che alcune sequenze sono davvero inspiegabili.
Gli effetti speciali, fortunatamente, sono stati gradevoli.
January 28, 2016
Not much originality behind this somewhat dark action flick. Worth a watch, if you want to see Christian Bale not doing much and Matthew McConaughey portraying an Arnold Schwarzenegger kind of Commando,
½ January 13, 2016
Reign of Fire is brainless fun, which means it is stupid.
November 21, 2015
Batman, Leonidas, and Detective Rust Cohle fighting dragons in the apocalypse. It's not fine cinema but it's a damn entertaining movie.
November 19, 2015
I like this movie since many years ... especially Matthew McConaughey is great here ... Toni
October 31, 2015
I loved this movie!
Awesome action scenes, beautiful scenery. The Dragons are better than Game of thrones, and the acting is excellent.
October 17, 2015
I liked this so much better the first time I watched it, but it lacks dragons. MOAR DRAGONS!!
October 14, 2015
Brave Americans have been saving the world in cinematograph for many-
many years (mostly from aliens and terrorists). This time though it was
something unbelievably fresh. The world have been saved by Americans
together with English from...dragons(!) future! Such wow! This all senses. Don't get me wrong, i did like the
movie, but mostly due to the cast. Mcconaughey did his job exquisitely
once again. One will find him in a very unusual role here (not that i
barely recognized him or something, i did, and was even really amazed).
For Bale - well job as well. The plot and the actualization are cheesy
but it could be worse (there are lots of similar movies which are
trashy). But this one is quite fascinating, sometimes even intriguing.
So i would recommend to watch it just for one time. Evening, beer,
pizza and Mcconaughey killing dragons - a pretty nice kit for having a
good time, don't you think?
½ October 8, 2015
This movie, despite not so good acting and a kind dumb plot, is alright. The dragons are very cool and the action scenes and photography are well done, I enjoyed watching it because of the action and because of Matthew Mcconaughey's decent performance, Christian Bale was also not bad. In conclusion this is a nice monsters movie and if you don't have high expections I think you will enjoy it.
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