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January 21, 2013
Murky goings on at a old country church, with the occult, sculptures, bizarre accidents, a sex-starved teenage vixen, and a very rascally cat. I love that the role of the feline is not lost on whoever composed the Flixster synopsis: "One highlight of the film is the repeated appearance of a mysterious, problem-solving cat." Indeed, yes, and after watching, you will not want to ever become of the "problems" that said cat is compelled to "solve"

The Reincarnate has a well thought-out plot -perhaps a little too well thought-out; supporting its premise intelligently causes the story to become a bit slow and long-winded. In the end though, the story is more complete and full than what I see in most of today's movies, even if it might have worked more effectively had it been condensed into a one hour Night Gallery episode.
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