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March 7, 2014
What a great story. Yet more proof that transgender people are amazing.
September 13, 2011
Renee is the story of Dr. Richard Raskind, a skilled ophthamologist and tennis player who underwent sex reassignment surgery in 1975, becoming Renee Richards. Director Eric Drath attempts to examine the workings of a unique individual in our culture, one that is genius, athletic, charming, and to many of us, strange. There's a complex duality within Drath's subject, but much of that complexity is revealed by Renee herself and friends/family. Hearing the person herself deliver this life drama at times felt a bit stagey, taking away from the raw documentarian's honest look at a person suffering from a complex disillusionment. One scene in particular, where Renee is cleaning her car and facing the guilt of being a bad parent to her child, exemplified a moment that may have been too contrived for a documentary. It would've been interesting to hear from her therapist (assuming she has one) or other psychologists regarding the general pathologies behind transsexual subjects. I felt left hanging in several regards, including the need to expose more transsexuals and how they felt about Renee. However, one shouldn't let that drag the film down as there is plenty to explore about this controversial figure who took the Women's Tennis Association by storm in 1976 when she - or as arguers say 'he' - entered the 1976 US Open as a female. The film is energetic, makes great use of archives and history, and is no doubt a compelling watch.
June 29, 2011
Excellent, untidy, complex doc. about the an under-the-radar hero in the fight for acceptance and understanding of the "T" in LGBT
June 24, 2011
Way to go Eric! What an insightful film. Amazing.
April 28, 2011
Touching movie about a very complex woman and sports figure - funny, fast paced, incredible story about the life of a very public and controversial transgender that we all were mesmerized by in the 70's - and wondered what ever happened to her? Well this movie will enlighten you. And entertain. And bring out your empathy. Go see it.
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