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June 27, 2015
Ending (1 time, June 2015) Ventura EP Foster Library
½ February 9, 2014
As stupid and ridiculous as this was, it wasn't horrible. Typical juvenile National Lampoons college movie. Amidst the sex, idiocy, and stupidity, it had hints of cuteness and humour.
October 24, 2013
Mildly funny. I remember liking this much more when I was younger.

It's interesting to see James Roday at the beginning his career.
½ November 13, 2012
A premise I could go for, but the story falls apart pretty early on.
February 6, 2012
Blah. This is a cheap twist on Weird Science. This movie was boring and not the slightest funny. Repli-Kate was pretty much a waste of my time. Definitely NOT worth watching!
½ September 1, 2011
Now this is a legitimate National Lampoons movie; Harmless, Raunchy & overall funny.
November 24, 2010
funny, and ali is HOT
November 11, 2010
Meh, predictable and a tad cheesy
½ October 4, 2010
Other films have donw this concept better and funnier.
½ September 23, 2010
It's not a bad movie. It has some good funny moments. I saw this movie on television awhile ago, and laughed quite a bit. Looking back it reallty isn't that great, but it does offer some laughs, and is better than expected.
July 10, 2010
Plot is silly. Quite predictable. A few laughs. But it gives the idea that human cloning is wrong; we get nothing out of it. Cloning is for scientific purposes only. You can't get Einstein double.
May 12, 2010
Eugene Levy just made me wanna laugh because of his mustache. That alone was hilarious. James Roday kinda acted like he does on Psych in this one. It was kinda funny and actually it wasn't as raunchy as some of the National Lampoon movies have been.
½ March 19, 2010
Very entertaining. I enjoyed it alot.
March 16, 2010
funny, and ali is HOT
½ March 11, 2010
not to comedy enough.. but a great view to ponder on what could happen if women do act like men..
February 19, 2010
didn't expect much but was happily james roday on psych...he is just as good some parts are sick and wrong but that's what makes it funny!
½ December 7, 2009
What am I going to do with this movie? It was awful, but I was laughing throughout the cheesy and cliche film. Do I recommend it? Do I give 1 1/2 star for it's inept or 3 stars for the film plays so good to what it wants to be? It plays dumb and is pretty dumb. Oh, I saw this movie in Spanish and enjoyed it, but if I saw this on English, I might dislike it.
½ November 26, 2009
The reason why the Doritos commercial girl never took off as an actress. She can't act. I mean, seriously. She can't. If you remember how bad Jessica Alba was in Dark Angel, then you have something to reference. Ali Landry is good at one thing, looking cute. So bad I didn't finish it.
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