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½ April 26, 2009
Off-beat, bizarre and rather nonsensical, this arty exploitation film ends up being rather entertaining. If you look for a hidden meaning somewhere in there, don't be surprised if you don't find any. It's all in good fun. I think.
April 26, 2009
God underholdning! Surrealistisk, ufrivillig morsom, innpakket i god musikk og visuelle effekter.
April 4, 2009
Like all Jean Rollin films I have seen so far, Requiem for a Vampire attempts to blend tropes from art films with erotic horror, and, as per usual, fails to achieve the desired effect. While the film contains much that is bizarre and some rather compellingly surrealistic moments, ultimately it is just boring. Long periods without dialogue and without sufficiently entrancing images just drag on endlessly.
February 9, 2009
Favorite movie ever, This one or Schoolgirl Hitchhikers, either way, Jean Rollin's marvelous work :)
½ January 26, 2009
This film had me at cute clown girls shooting a revolver out of the rear window of a car as they are chased down a French country road. This is the very first scene and, of course, no real reason for this chase, or why they're dressed like clowns is given for the first hour or so, and honestly I would have preferred it if Rollin had kept it that way, but, alas we do get a one sentence explanation eventually which really doesn't do much to clarify any of the story's vagueness. Indeed it's this vagueness that's sure charm some and frustrate others. Well it charmed me, giving the film a dreamworld feel perpetuated by some truly whimsical photography. I dig it.
September 8, 2008
Schlock this is, but it was schlock as it is. This film is there for you to see and have fun and observe and take pleasure. Few people will like this, it is not satisfying to most, but enjoyable for me, yes. It hits right to the point and even if it does look like it was made in 2 days or maybe 3, it was some good 2 or 3 days. I would like to see the longer version as show on IMDB. The one I saw was only and hour and seven minutes tops.
August 25, 2008
Jean Rollin again. Like most of his work, it's beautiful, lots of naked girls running around, but end the end it lacks substance. If you just want to watch something pretty this is for you. Not bad to do every once in awhile, but nothing that will last as a great film in your mind.
½ March 21, 2008
lesbian vampires in psychedelic french romp. great costume designs, sadist happenings and gothic landscapes.
February 24, 2008
It promises much and does not quite deliver. All of the elements are there - rural France, castle ruins, strange ceremonies and naked virgins (! apparently) romping around. Yet, it just didn't quite get there.
December 17, 2007
Breathtakingly beautiful surreal vampire fairy tale. Very lyrical, very meditative pace, and very atmospheric, stunning actors, soundtrack, sound design, and a very philosophical script which scrutinizes the concept of what it means being a vampire
December 17, 2007
Jean Rollin lesbian vampire film that starts off with two female clowns and a man in a car chase while shooting guns out of their back window. Lots of nudity and such, but its unlike most exploitation. Very artsy and great cinematography with hardly any dialogue.
November 21, 2007
Klovne-vampyr-porno OG en tussegammel vampyr der ligner Martin Brygmann! :D Vidunderligt spild af tid.
½ October 30, 2007
Ingen film som börjar med att en clown krossar en bakruta och skjuter mot en belgisk bil kan vara dÄlig. Lesbisk vampyr-kult-klassiker med whacka 70-tals-lolitaklÀder, blod och utdragna och sadistsika vÄldtÀktscener fÄr mig att ocksÄ vilja sitta bredvid en lesbo-vampyr-tant som spelar ödesdiger musik pÄ en flygel under ett trÀd, pÄ en kyrkogÄrd i skenet av svulstiga kandelabrar. Jean Rollin rulear! Se!
½ October 12, 2007
More of Rollin's French vampire schtick.
August 23, 2007
It's either one of Rollin's weakest, or one of his strongest; dammned if I know. It's not the film to see if you're a Rollin Vampire Virgin, mainly beacuse it's too languid and plain weird to enjoy without dipping into his more normal... strike that, LESS WEIRD works first. Two hotpants-wearing dollybirds escape a crime scene dressed as clowns and spend a nice couple of days in the countryside with some rather down-on-their luck vampires after getting "eternally lost". Rollin wrote it in one night. You can tell...
Super Reviewer
August 22, 2007
Recommended by Dracken
½ August 22, 2007
This is quite a strange sexy old Vampire movie lol
½ August 17, 2007
Images and atmosphere scoff at all other qualities! This could only be a French film. Take it as art, not a "movie".
½ June 11, 2007
What a piece of shit! Mostly long shots of the girls walking, very little dialogue and when a character does speak it is useless. If you're a fan of bad scenes of vampires raping their prey, french women with body hair everywhere, and a slight undertone of vampirism, then this movie is for you. A horrible exploitation movie.
June 6, 2007
One of Rollin's best! Great cinematography contains nude lesbian vampirism.
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