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November 17, 2016
The Rescuers is one of the Disney films that I watched the least as as a kid, mainly due to the fact that I never owned it as a kid. I remember liking it when I watched it at a neighbor's house years ago, but after watching it as a teen, I'm just not that impressed with it. It's fine, and are things that I do enjoy. I do like Miss Bianca and Bernard, and Eva Gabor and Bob Newhart do good voice acting jobs and give their characters charm. I like the albatross Orville. I like the villain Madam Medusa and her two alligators. The animation is nice and the music is good. But other than that, there's not much to admire here. I don't really care for Penny, and I just kind of find myself bored when I watch it. It has two or three fun scenes, but I every time I watch it, I often forget about most of it. So, The Rescuers is a movie that I kind of like, but I just find mediocre. I don't mind watching it once in a while since I now do own it, and I like a few things, but I just don't find anything really good. I don't hate it, but it just didn't leave much of an impact on me. If I'm bored and don't have much to do, I'll pop it in my VCR. It's just okay.
November 12, 2016
Disney presents the animated film The Rescuers. The film opens up with a little girl sending a message in a bottle as a cry for help. The bottle floats its way to New York, where a young society of mice known as the Rescuers come across it. They read the note, and believe there is some foul play in the young girl who wrote the note, Penny. A young mouse named Bianca (Eva Gabor) agrees to take on the case, and volunteers the janitor of the club, Bernard (Bob Newhart) to be her co-agent.

As the two mice investigate they come across a malicious lady named Medusa who clearly knows the young girl's whereabouts. She is off to the Great Down Under in a small location named Devil's Bayou. As the rescuers, have missed the human flight, they decide to board a bird Orville to take them on the flight instead. They enter Devil's Bayou only to find that the land is filled with countless dangers including Medusa's partner Snoops, two killer alligators, and vicious bats. The two young mice must brave them all, as the villains continue to use Penny to go down a land mine looking for a large gem known as the Devil's Eye.

The Rescuers is one of Disney's darkest films. The colors of the bayou are filled dark water colors, murky greys, blacks and browns. Medusa and Snoops are less than savory characters not to mention the crocodiles as pets. Medusa's design and persona led to the inspiration of the classic villain Cruella Deville. Bianca and Bernard are great little heroes as they prove that even two little mice can help the girl humans have abandoned the search for. Orville provides some of the comedic relief that is surprisingly absent from the film. In this day in an age, a film such like this would never be made. The Rescuer's is one of the more forgotten films amongst the Disney classics, and is mostly warranted. Despite some of the film's shortcomings, the classic design and look of the film from animator Milt Kahl is one of my favorites.

November 11, 2016
Extremely entertaining, catchy and strange characters and the interesting animation style make this another Disney win.
½ October 28, 2016
This is not a film from 2014 as it says above, it's from the 60's and must go down as one of Disney's classic animations. I missed this for the first 40 years of my life somehow. I would have enjoyed this as a kid. It's a pretty cool kids film just warn them not to try and learn geography from it. Otherwise they would think that both Austria and Vienna (and Africa) are all separate countries. Shoddy attention to detail Disney.
½ August 15, 2016
The Rescuers was decent. Bernard and Bianca are likable and Medusa was a good villain. But the sequel release 13 years later is better than this one.
½ August 12, 2016
The Rescuers marks a creative shift in Disney studios core and it's not hard to tell, in fact this film is hardly recognizable as a Disney film in many ways. It's probably more similar to the style and tone of films like The Secret of NIMH or The Land Before Time which would make sense since The Rescuers marks the beginning of Don Bluth's tenure as a primary animator (he later split from Disney and started his own company that produced films like the ones just mentioned). Despite its differences, The Rescuers embraces its form and delivers a suspenseful and hearty cartoon with a lot of depth as well. Miss Bianca and Bernard are perfect together and their romance adds flavor to the mysterious plot as they investigate the disappearance of Penny the orphan at the hands of Madame Medusa (an animator actually designed her after his ex-wife). The film balances excitement, gags, and pathos in an expertly animated story.
August 8, 2016
Lovely animation that still looks good today. The simple film with its heinous villain, lovable lost soul, and excellent pair of heroes that work so well together, delivers a short but punchy and enjoyable ride of adventure and fun.
½ August 4, 2016
Short on the magic associated with Disney animated features, but "The Rescuers" is a slight caper that's got more than enough charm.
½ August 2, 2016
The only thing I have with The Rescuers is the animation because the animation still carrying on using recycled animation from The Jungle Book and Bambi. The setting from Devil's Bayou surely looks like a jungle. The story is questionable to say the least like all Bernard and Bianca had is rescue Penny the little girl from Madame Medusa and her crocs. The characters are kinda forgetable, I don't know it's just that I really love the disney characters that my friends and I know and loved but it's okay. However I still this movie is good for whatever reason, I just love for my friends from the old school.
July 11, 2016
Bad, and Bad!!!? ð???
July 1, 2016
The Rescuers is an okay and loveable Disney movie, but its constant lack of fun and griddy scenes get very heavy sometimes.
May 26, 2016
A fun animated Disney adventure with the Rescue Aid Society. It's one of the films I grew up with. I've always loved Bernard! (First viewing - Childhood)
May 24, 2016
I like the decent animation in this film, and it's got a good story and a good concept. By far the best of the films between Walt's death and what I call the Great Management Shift of 1984 (when Eisner and Katzenberg got into Disney).
½ May 17, 2016
Classic Disney animation with a dark but atmospheric storyline.
April 20, 2016
Lol I loved that show when I was a little girl.
½ February 29, 2016
Little ones will love this; it's full of charm, excitement and some catchy tunes.
February 14, 2016
I loved it as a kid and still do this movie really holds up
February 1, 2016
perhaps a less-than-miraculous effort by Disney but still a big part of my childhood
even if most of the animation isn't superb the movie is still harmless for younger viewers
a heroic story of two mice helping to save a little girl from a greedy pawn woman
it's got some colorful characters from Orville to Evinrude to Madame Medusa
Penny though she might be sweet and innocent has a lot to be desired in terms of her acting, still, she is the focus of the picture always holding onto a glimmer of hope in any form
one of the shorter Disney films but still very pleasing
½ January 27, 2016
In a time when nothing seemed to work for the Walt Disney Studios, "The Rescuers" (1977) was a much-needed sigh of relief. It was one of the studio's few real smash hits in that stretch of uncertainty following Walt's death and before the Renaissance of the 90's. Originally rejected by the Moustro himself for politicizing children's cartoons, "The Rescuers" is the story of two mice sent by the United Nations to intervene and rescue a young girl held captive in a bayou by a very Cruella-de-Ville-ish woman seeking a lost diamond. While the villainess' motives are a bit lame, and her overall appearance and persona have been used before in a certain dog movie, "The Rescueres" is full of heart and humor, containing all the right "feels" as does the best Disney animated features. Bob Newhart's Bernard and Eve Gabor's Bianca are excellent protagonists and their personalities (chic mouse and good-hearted janitor) compliment each other well. Add the little girl Penny to the mix and you have the Disney masterpiece of the 70's. Penny is perhaps the most pitiful Disney child ever invented, and her sincerity and helpless plights bring the whole thing to another level. You will cry. The heartfelt songs, including "The Journey" also gives melancholy vibe to the film.
Made in a time when the old Disney animators were retiring and the new crop started to enter the field, (including master animator Glen Keane,) "The Rescuers" is a very special film in the history of the studio.
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