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      Resisterhood Reviews

      Mar 24, 2023

      This documentary captures a vital moment in history with vivid and clear storytelling. All the individual stories were compelling and included a broad range of human experience. 5 stars for content, videography and providing context for a turning point in our shared history.

      Nov 10, 2020

      I've been an on again off again activist since coming of age in the late 60s and was devastated when HRC lost. This film authentically captures the mood of women of my generation moved to act as if muscle memory kicked in, as well as the awakening of a new generation, many of whom thought there was no need for women to fight.

      Nov 4, 2020

      Great and inspiring film! I recommend watching!

      Nov 3, 2020

      Resisterhood will make you cry at times from anger, joy and sometimes pure sweetness but it will leave you uplifted and inspired to get involved and make the world a better place. In this time when the constant drumbeat of lies, grifting and division often leaves us feeling powerless, this film will leave you feeling uplifted, engaged and empowered. Resisterhood is a story for our time and beautifully captures the newfound engagement of millions of women in the political process.

      Nov 3, 2020

      Resisterhood delivers a positive message of hope and empowerment that resonates in these difficult times. It is told through the stories of women called to action for the common good. They are your neighbors, your book club buddies, and they are you. Be inspired by their stories.

      Nov 2, 2020

      This is the story of five diverse characters and their fight for the rights to vote, equality and personal freedoms in a country that has swung to the right. The film weaves these stories into a tapestry that shows what drives them and what they do for others. One has a history linking them with the Selma March to Montgomery with MLK and John Lewis. One has an ancestor, who marched to the White House in 1913 as a suffragette and created a group protesting injustice. One was a House of Representative Congressman, who spoke against gun violence and kids in cages and was arrested for his values. One is a new citizen from Egypt, who ran and won for Rockville City council. One was a professional soccer player, who became the Rainbow Warrior and after her injury became an inspirational speaker. The whole project is very well done and a historical document showing what Democracy Looks Like!

      Nov 2, 2020

      Resisterhood created by brilliant filmmaker CJ Crim made me laugh and cry as it took me on a Powerful time travel journey of our nation as it rises up to reclaim its soul and move forward in unity. Not to be missed!!!!! Great Zoom party movie!!

      Nov 2, 2020

      It would seem that the country is about to be saved by women voting against the madness of this unhinged president. The Resisterhood documentary tells this story, literally from Day One, in the very best tradition of American journalism. The film is making a difference today by inspiring us to vote. It will continue to make a difference, perhaps for generations, by having documented what happened and how women stood up and made their voices heard.

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