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½ December 4, 2016
090905: I attempted to watch this movie last night but failed. Bad acting and poor sound consistency tried my patience (hard to hear at one point then overly loud at another). Waited until today and enjoyed it much more my will strengthened by two Red Stripe. It was nice to see the townsfolk actually take the right action unlike High Noon (1952). I had the film rated as a 2 but am now raising it to a 2.5. That's as far as I'll go however. Trust me, that's as far as I'll go regardless of how many Red Stripe I consume.
½ August 9, 2010
Good movie for good laughs and bad filming!!! This movie was HORRIBLE!!! I've seen two year olds act better!!! If I could give it less than a half a star I would!!
October 19, 2009
Low budget western...
½ October 10, 2009
I made it 9 minutes and 41 seconds in before I tore it from the player. It got 10% because I admire the chutzpah that got them to unload this piece of crap on unsuspecting victims. Acting is stilted, sound is muddy, music is like a cheap 70s porn flick, and the anachronisms piled up faster than I could wince. Spare yourself the 75 minutes - I have a 10 minute rule: if after 10 minutes I don't like the movie, I can turn it off. I didn't even make that.
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