Aug 11, 2008
The movie has an altogether haunting feel, capped by a final shot that(TM)s a brilliant callback to an earlier line of dialogue. If you want to get home bad enough, you can always find a way.
Aug 10, 2008
None of my carps amount to a suggestion to skip this surprising film. It's just somewhat imperfect, is all.
Aug 8, 2008
It has been beautifully crafted in the finest tradition of Poland's venerable and distinguished cinema.
Aug 8, 2008
What gives Retrieval its unique drive and power is the exceedingly accomplished cast.
Aug 7, 2008
Overall, it's still a fine debut, balancing its more ungainly dramatic turns with an absolutely perfect and poetic (dare I say Dardenne-esque?) final shot.
Mar 24, 2007
Throughout, Bogumil Godfrejow's mostly hand-held camerawork is apt and affecting.
Jan 30, 2007
Though not particularly original, Z odzysku (Retrieval), demands to be reckoned with because of several key scenes that are almost flawlessly executed.
May 26, 2006
Retrieval is unlikely to take home any prizes for originality in Cannes, but feature debut for Polish helmer Slawomir Fabricki punches above its weight with beefy genre tale of an essentially decent young pugilist.