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½ November 23, 2011
one of the worst puppet masters. what the fuck were they thinking when they made this garbage. it should be left in the dump
½ November 16, 2011
Whilst continuing his escape from Nazi Germany, Andre Toulon stops for a night's rest in a deserted hotel. While waiting for the morning, he tells his puppets the story of how he became the Puppet Master.

The seventh entry in the 'Puppet Master' franchise actually follows on from part three, and also borrows ideas from parts four and five. This is a prequel movie that unfortunately falls into the trap of retelling parts of the history that have has been already set up in previous entries. The story is quite good, and the lack of horror and blood is replaced with slightly fantasy elements (as in parts four and five) and has it's tongue firmly placed in it's cheek. It was nice to see Guy Rolfe reprising the role of Andre Toulon for the book-ending sequences, and the inclusion of all new puppets makes a welcome change, The acting is a bit wooden (no pun intended), there are some particularly dodgy accents and the puppet effects are not the best. But the main loss with this entry, is the lack of the iconic main title theme. In the end, this is a bit of a departure for the franchise, but is watchable and a lot better than the previous entry.
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November 10, 2011
Not as good as the other puppet master films that are out there. I believe this is number 7. But its supposed to be how it all started. Seems to me even the puppets were different in this movie from all the rest. I didn't see nothing scary about this. Special effects sucked. I am being nice with 3 stars.
June 30, 2011
½ May 23, 2011
....Did we really need another shitty prequel??
May 12, 2011
Not one of my favorite Puppet Master films. Yet another Toulon origin story, making the Puppet Master continuity even more confusing. Still, if you're in the mood for Puppets battling Nazis, then this movie delivers.
March 18, 2011
they just ran this series too fan in to the ground...2 stars for the effects crew trying to keep the show going...leave it on the shelf
March 14, 2011
Guy Rolfe as Andre Toulon is back to make his final appearance in the Puppet Master series but this time he has a story to tell a story of his past and how everything got started. The acting is very bad and the animation of the puppets is terrible. There are many times when you can see the strings and there is even a time when you see someones hand. It was nice to see these new puppets from Toulon's past but we never actually find out what happened to them. I only recommend this film to die hard Puppet Master fans and of course children they might get a kick out of this.
½ February 5, 2011
Would have gone alot lower if there was no puppets.
½ November 18, 2010
Fairly goofy, frankly boring and the puppet effects are arguably the worst out of the whole series but at least, it's doesn't use footage from the earlier movies.
½ October 30, 2010
As a stand alone film, this is a pretty decent watch. The story is interesting and the puppets are killer.
As part of the Puppet Master series I have some gripes and some cheers. In the "good" we find that Rolfe has returned to play the role of Andre Toulon and he bookends the film quite nicely. We get an interesting telling of how the puppets came to being. And Greg Sestero plays a young Toulon quite well.
In the "bad" we get some terrible acting with some of the worst accents ever. Some people don't try to talk with accents and others, just don't seem to know what accent they want to use. The bad guys, who are supposed to be mummies (aka undead, who don't breathe, feel pain etc.), have no problem getting shot by a pistol but as soon as a little puppet sticks an inch long blade into them or strangles them, they are in pain or can't breathe which makes no sense at all. But the worst thing of all, is that this look at how the puppets came into being, doesn't match what has already been established in previous Puppet Master films!!!
I can't stand when a film does that. As such, I had to reduce the film by a half star otherwise it would have been a decent 3 star picture.
½ September 21, 2010
Prequel tells how Toulon became the puppet master and also incorporates the Sutek storyline. Full Moon introduces precursor puppets which nicely adds a new toy line. An improvement but clearly producers are milking this series.
September 4, 2010
Still in need for money, Full Moon decided to unleash another dismal sequel into their Puppet Master franchise. What number do you think this is? No thanks to the title no one wouldn't know without a little research that this is the seventh entry. Also what is up with the title? Adding the word "retro" doesn't automatically make your film more "cool". To top it off the filmmakers decide to make the phrase "Puppet Master" one word again in the opening titles even though all the previous films, other than the first film, made it two words. Grrr...

Full Moon here decides to make another prequel in the franchise which oddly enough is a prequel to Puppet Master III which in turn was a prequel. So we have a prequel to a prequel? I think the universe just imploded from the very thought! The film opens with Guy Rolfe as Toulon talking to his puppets and reminiscing about the past so cue in the flashback music. So the rest of the film takes place while Toulon as a teenage and how he obtains the secret to reanimate puppets. However the people (or things) he stole it form aren't too keen on it so they send some cloaked people to get the secret back.

Since this is a "prequel to a prequel" (it hurts my head just saying that), our original "lovable" puppets are not in the majority of the movie so fans right away may be a little disappointed by this aspect. We instead get "retro" versions of them, which simply means early, more primitive wooden versions. Richard Band's original Puppet Master theme is also surprisingly absent which in turn may disappoint fans. I for one welcomed the new score as watching seven of these damn movies in a row made his catchy score grow old really fast.

The plot is just completely forgettable and to be honest I had a hard time staying awake for the damn thing. Every once in awhile a bad computer special effect (yes, Full Moon has started to find the power of bad computer generated special effects) would start to wake me up by totally pissing me off. Also the cloaked demon humanoids tailing Toulon and giving him hell remind me a lot of the cloaked Aliens from Dark City. It shouldn't surprise me though as it seems the Puppet Master franchise as resorted to ripping off better films. Typical there are a lot of continuity errors when comparing this to the other Puppet Master films but by this time I don't even care about that anymore.

Fans will no doubt feel totally disappointed with this sequel and all I have to say is SHAME ON YOU! Did you really expect this to be any good? I went into this film expecting shit and that's exactly what I got. Full Moon was making nothing but shit by this time so why should a Puppet Master sequel be any different? I will give them credit for trying to give us something different with this sequel it just a damn shame it was so poorly executed. It comes out being just as bad as Curse of the Puppet Master but at the same time it's a helluva lot more forgettable. I recommend skipping it.
½ July 22, 2010
This series of movies should have stopped at the first one. I guess Hollywood didn't get the hint...
July 4, 2010
Retro versions of the puppets plus some mummies, add a few scenes in slow motion and bad make up and you got yourself a very crappy flick. Includes a lot of characters who repeat lines.
June 16, 2010
I have always liked Puppet Master movies, just sometime they have that Ed Wood touch to them
½ June 3, 2010
What no Currie this time? Ok so if you don't go forward in time have to go abckwards which of course means the story will be horrible! Only for those interested in seeing the whole series
May 27, 2010
This movie is half monotone, half funny accents, and well, just plain bad.
April 29, 2010
After the last films completely off at a tangent story which seemed in no way connected to it's preprocessors this instalment brings us back into alignment with our original friend the puppet master in a cabin busily escaping Nazi Germany after the events detailed in the 3rd movie. An old puppet named Cyclops falls out of the masters luggage and curious to learn of the past his puppet pals gather round to hear the tale of the first Puppets our jolly friend ever brought to life.

It's flashback time from here on in as we learn of the man who stole the secret of life from that evil power rangers villain wannabe Sutekh and how he passed it on to the puppet master.

The enemies in this film take on the form of three mummies who for the sake of not looking out of place just dress up as Hudson Hawk and walk slowly...They have a range of powers using one (things go a bit hazy and wobbly, camera effect) They can choose what they want this power to do by saying the desired verb as the effect begins (negating the need for more than one effect.) Of course apart from the one time they use "Sleep" its always "Die".

Luckily the puppet masters puppet show performing friends are only too happy to be brought back to life as cheaper wooden variants of the regular puppet cast having been bloodlessly murdered by this wobbling effect, allowing them to bloodlessly kill their mummy murderers (their blood is dust now.)

All in all not the most exciting of the series but if you have any 5 year old children bugging you to let you watch some horror films with you then this is the prefect choice.
½ March 3, 2010
Hope this is the last one in the franchise. This is just horrible.
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