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November 26, 2017
Robert Quarry returns as Count Yorga, brought back to life by the Santa Ana winds after having been killed at the end of the prior film. Yorga then begins to prey on the residents of a nearby orphanage and seems to lavish particular attention on a young teacher at the orphanage, Mariette Hartley. As with the first film, it's rather low budget, but makes up for it in enthusiasm and gore. This sequel gave more screen time to the Vampire Brides of Yorga, which was kind fun and provided some good creepy visuals, but overall this is an awfully silly film. Producer Michael Macready's father, Hollywood veteran George Macready made his final film appearance here as Prof. Rightstat and a young Craig T. Nelson made his film debut on this picture playing a cop. And not that you would notice it, the director of photography on this film was Bill butler, who's later go on to film "Jaws" and several "Rocky" pictures.
½ November 14, 2017
Campy version of the story of Dracula a.k.a Count Yorga...with Mariette Hartley.
½ May 11, 2014
Cool horror bits, add up to a strange mix, but a fun film--More 70s vampires!!
May 26, 2013
This is similar to the first film.
May 8, 2013
"One never knows when one might encounter some of the more usual truths that exist in our world."-Count Yorga (Robert Quarry)

I looked online for the significance of the boy's ball, but found nothing. If anyone knows or has a theory, please leave a comment.

"At a time like this, even Jesus Christ would fabricate his intentions."-Rev. Thomas Westwood (Tom Toner)
January 23, 2013
Too cheap to enjoy, even for a B-movie. Not funny enough either..
December 22, 2012
It seems like Count Yorga has been pretty much forgotten, but I think the two movies are pretty good. As for 70s vampire movies, Yorga(Robert Quarry) is a refreshing change from Christopher Lee's charmless and invariably cruel Dracula. However I dont think Quarry had the same lean, hungry look Lee had, but still Quarry makes a fine, blue blood-looking vampire.
December 14, 2012
one of the few sequels that is better than the first because of a bigger budget and a considerably glosser look.
½ August 1, 2011
I had a good time, but not like the first film. Okay, its a good movie and I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the first, but the story isn't very bright, but it works most of the time and the fireworks come out at the end enough for you to have to experience it.
April 4, 2011
All-too reminiscent of the Manson murders.
February 25, 2011
This Count Yorga sequel actually has better production values then the original & I think I liked it a little more (even though I gave it the same rating). This reminded me alot of the Creature Features that they used to play on WXON TV20 out of Detroit when I was a kid. They may have even showed it & I unwittingly watched it. It was very familiar to me; like I had seen it before. As far as I know I hadn't. Maybe because it's familiar territory for American International films. Not original it does have a creepier vibe which works in its it's Craig T. Nelson film debut
½ January 19, 2011
wow... what a boring mess.
September 13, 2010
A fun sequel that isn't as good as the original (as it copies too much and has too many scenes of little narrative direction) but has some creepy moments. Kinda forgettable, out side of a vicious early attack scene.
February 7, 2010
CRAIG T. NELSON (before he became famous) appears in this EXCELLENT VAMPIRE MOVIE for its time of 1971 also starring ROGER PERRY and of course ROBERT QUARRY!!!!!

also stars MARIETTE HARTLY!!!! an always familiar and welcome presence,

YORGA'S back; Bruddah's back; and ROGER PERRY this time playing a psychologist instead of a Blood Specialist.

; COUNT YORGA along with BLACULA, KHORDA, and BARON MEINSTER used to keep me company on Saturday Afternoons during CREATURE DOUBLE FEATURE in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

RETURN OF COUNT YORGA is quieter and slower but a lot SCARIER (for its time) than COUNT YORGA, VAMPIRE.

THE CHARLES MANSON FAMILY home invasions of SHARON TATE and LA BIANCA occurred shortly before the year of RETURN OF COUNT YORGA'S production and one of the most chilling scenes of a vampire movie (to me) is where the vampires surround and enter a family home and murder the entire family.

RETURN OF COUNT YOUGA is and always will be a Saturday Afternoon horror movie CLASSIC to me.

kids today would laugh RETURN OF COUNT YORGA off the screen I think.

and followed by

YORGA spelled backwards is "GORY" with an extra 'A'
December 30, 2009
I love scary movies and this is one of my favorites while growing up... Very scary!!!! RIP Robert Quarry
October 10, 2009
This one is a bit sillier. Yorga is ressurected somehow and moves north to the suburbs of Frisco. There he collects another harem of vampire brides and becomes obsessed with Mariette Hartley. Instead of merely turning her into a vampire, he sends his undead servants to abduct her from her home, in a terrifying night attack. Then its up to Roger Perry (who played one of the boyfriends in the first film) and two really stupid cops (one of them is played by Craig T. Nelson) to rescue Hartley. For some reason, Mariette Hartley is embarrassed by some of the films she acted in, go figure. Its fun but you need to have a high tolerance for early 1970s fashions.
August 30, 2009
Its very rare that a sequel is better then the original film, but in this case it is better. Robert Quarry returns as Count Yorga and goes on his vampire spree again. Superb film, very action packed and quite frightening in some parts (The scene in the cemetary at the beginning is very creepy). Superb ending aswell. Its shame they only made 2 Count Yorga films, both are great but this sequel is by far the best of the two films.
January 30, 2009
It' the sequel of Count yorga, vampire.
The mood is good, scary scenes are effectives. The attack of female vampires (rised from a cemetery as they are zombies) for kidnapping 'the new wife' of Yorga it's good and the final battle between vampires and 'the good ones' has some scary moments (and fun too when there are wussy policemen around...). I enjoyed several thrilling sequences and those famous inn-joke when Yorga he's watching on tv 'vampire lovers' and he asks for silence since he's enjoying the movie!! Ha, setting is modern times, no more gothic castles or horses...Yorga has a beauty car!
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