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June 8, 2015
Bruce Li tries his best impression of the more famous martial artist but this story goes nowhere. It isn't until the very end that there's a semblance of style.
½ May 13, 2014
Don't get me wrong, Bruce Li holds his own in this film and if it weren't for him, I'd probably would've turned this thing off about twenty miuntes into it. The acting is soooooo bad, I'm not even joking. The story is pretty standard Blaxploitation stuff, you know drug dealers taking over turf and the good guy gotta go kick butt. Been there done that, and the final fight sequences are so cheesy. Oh yea, and be on the lookout for RoboGirl, (my nickname for one of the characters) who's purpose in this film is to what, titalate Hong Kong male viewers? Eh, enough.
May 13, 2014
If you like movies that are non stop action (it really never ends, its just one LONG fight scene) you might like this.
I however like a little plot and acting and therefore cannot give this more than one star.
November 21, 2013
Narcotics agents tangle with rival heroin drug rings in this martial arts thriller. Still too much martial arts nonsense for my taste but notable for a live Japanese band laughably dubbed over with very American sounding music in one scene. Better than most martial arts films, best reserved for fans of the genre.
½ April 5, 2013
Hong Kong kung fu production where two undercover agents pit rival criminal organizations against each other. Fans of kung fu films would likely dole out a higher rating than I have. A couple of things stood out - some bad fashion (see Angela Mao's silver jumpsuit) and one notably bad hairdo (Angela Mao guilty again).
November 21, 2010
It's been a while since I've viewed and reviewed a Bruceploitation film and what a better way to jump back into this wonderful subgenre than to watch "Return of the Tiger", Bruce Li's sequel to my personal favorite Bruceploitation 'classic' "Exit the Dragon, Enter the Tiger." Is it a true sequel? Well not really as Li plays a different character but it was advertised as a follow-up to that shameless martial arts magnum opus and most likely took its title by combining "Exit the Dragon, Enter the Tiger" and the Bruce Lee classic "Return of the Dragon." Despite not being a 'true' sequel, it was great to see 'Tiger' return in another enjoyable Buceploitation fest.

Rather than playing Bruce Lee's successor as he did in "Exit", this time he plays a secret agent that goes undercover with his female partner to take down two heroin drug rings by pulling a "Yojimbo" by playing each side against each other. Lots of and lots of mindless fight sequences ensue.

Bruce Li, my personal favorite of the Lee clones, is likable as ever but the unforeseen addition of brutish actor Paul Smith very well might be the best part. This 'Bud Spencer' of the rest of world cinema is mostly known for playing a sadistic prison guard in "Midnight Express" and Bluto in Robin Williams "Popeye" and his appearance in a Bruceploitation film is enough to make anyone scratch their head. However he landed in this film I'm sure glad he did because he is a menacing looking bastard and surprisingly he able to hold his own in fight sequences with our clone.

Like "Exit the Dragon", I love the 'modern' urban 70's setting as opposed to a period setting and the filmmakers again utilize great locations for their fights such as abandoned factories. There was even an awkward fight sequence which included goons on motorcycles corralling in Li in a junkyard.

Typical with Bruceploitation films, some of the fight sequences go on for far too long, even fights that Li is absent and don't even add anything to the plot, then again what am I talking about? No one watches Bruceploitation films for plot! It's for fighting and trashy entertainment and "Return of the Tiger" delivers on that aspect. Our fighters even defy the laws of physics in very awkward moments, like jumping off invisible objects in thin air and doing fly kicks the length of a basketball court.

What's the worst aspect of this movie? No not the dubbing, though it is dreadful. No not the character development even though we get no back-story what-so-ever for our two secret agents, especially the women. No not the music which is actually good, no doubt because some of it is STOLEN from the James Bond movie "Live and Let Die" (what is with Bruceploitation films stealing James Bond scores?). Is it the DVD? You guessed it! Another bad transfer, surprise, surprise. The DVD I have is from Trinity Entertainment and like their release of "Exit the Dragon", they completely botched the picture ratio. When in full screen mode it's squished and in 16x9 mode everything is stretched. GOD DAMNIT! It was extremely annoying to watch the film this way and I had to beg my friend Bill to fix the picture ratio like he did for me for "Exit the Dragon."

Picture ratio problems aside I found this to be another entertaining trashy Bruceploitation film and it was refreshing to see Li play a role that wasn't Bruce Lee or his successor. I didn't quite like it as much as "Exit the Dragon, Enter the Tiger" but for fans of these trashy martial arts films "Return of the Tiger" is a must watch.
June 12, 2010
This was pretty amusing, terrible dubbing, wild choreography and awesome use of Paul Smith as the enormous bearded villain made me very happy.

Well worth a look, though all the double crosses may get to be a bit much, the fights are interesting and worth the wait.

Give it a look.
January 13, 2010
hilarious. seriously kick-ass fighting sequences.
½ December 18, 2009
caught this movie randomly looking for martial arts movies to watch and saw some reviews saying how under-rated this movie was as a martial arts movie, so i had to see for myself being a martial arts movie fan. very excellent fight sequences and choreography. definitely puts this movie up there with the best. the english dubbing in some points of the movie did not make sense at all with the story line and made the movie kinda confusing to watch. i couldnt really tell what was going on. i'm sure the original script wasn't meant to be the way it was portrayed in english and maybe if they wouldve just put english subbing of the original script... the movie couldve been better. but by the end of the movie, i could finally put things together and see how unique the storyline is. i also happened to notice master betty from kung pow in this as well as the "big westerner paul" who was in big movies such as dune and red sonja.
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