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September 2, 2015
That part of us that needs to destroy what we fear--what we don't understand--is precisely the thing that makes us dislike this film. That part of us that needs to control or destroy: *this* is our actual enemy. .

The film explains that it is a film--not a depiction of an actual place or particular time--but that we, in the real world, in the audience, are imprisoned within our minds. Jake Green acts as Christ/ Neo/ Buddha, one who ascends to a god-like Christ-consciousness through defeating Mr. Gold. Unlike Neo--who is basically a decent guy--Mr. Green is a conman. But he's good to his brother and niece. Avi & Zack's characters are basically Trinity & Morpheus, hacking their world through masterful cons. But Avi and Jack also speak directly to the audience, telling them that you too can overcome that awful thing you'd prefer doesn't really exist.

If you don't get it, a team of professional shrinks explain it all in the credits, at least in the 2008 American edition, which I recommend.
½ August 30, 2015
Since Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels was awesome and so was Snatch, logic dictated that a third collaboration between Guy Ritchie and Jason Statham would be awesome.

After making the mistake of directing a romantic drama remake film headlined by Madonna, Revolver clearly serves as an attempt to return Guy Ritchie to his roots. But since it feels like everything has already been done before, the real problem is that it's hard to care about the narrative. Guy Ritchie has a knack for stylish and gritty crime thrillers, but Revolver lacks the innovative punch that came from the energetic and black comedy-fueled subject matter of his earliest works. Part of the problem with the story is that despite putting its focus onto the parallel narratives of two characters instead of the many more that Guy Ritchie tends to work with, Revolver still manages to find away to make itself confusing. The decrease in relevant characters means that the narrative is a very slow-moving one and the lack of humour makes it droll to have to sit through. Instead, Revolver offers a large quantity of arbitrary supporting characters who all make mediocre contributions to the story with relevance small enough that it isn't worth following yet large enough that keeping up with it all is confusing. The story insists on moving very slowly which prevents any exhilaration from joining the mood of the film, leaving it as a numb and un-involving story which is hard to care about, leaving me spending more time looking at the clock waiting for the film to be over.
Since the film has a weak story and a formulaic style about it, the only hope left comes from the screenplay. Unfortunately, Guy Ritchie's tendency to make innovative conversation comes into conflict with Luc Besson's conventions as a heavil generic filmmaker. The story is so firmly rooted in a predictable path that instead of attempting to be innovative through characters it does so through all kinds of plot twists which do nothing but confuse what is a very basic story arc. And since the film is slow, there is no action to distract from it. Yet you would hope that there was some level of creativity in the film as a Guy Ritchie piece. Unfortunately, this is one better left off his resume as any no-name filmmaker could claim to have directed this film and it would have made more sense. The man is an experienced filmmaker, but Revolver serves as an exercize in luddism for him. Revolver ends up being a crime thriller bereft of crime, thrills or the man's iconic touch of rich atmosphere or strong action, and so the only questions viewers are likely to be left asking when attempting to keep up with the convoluted narrative is "What's the point?".
Even the presence of Jason Statham cannot save Revolver. As much as Jason Statham has worked well with Guy Ritchie in the past, he normally is the standout of a large ensemble of talented cast members. In Revolver however, he is stuck with the duty of actively headlining the film without being given a script that he can do anything with. He doesn't have room to make viewers laugh or to get trigger happy, leaving him condemned to play a legitimate dramatic role in a film which cannot do anything with his talents. Jason Statham has to spend most of the film staring blankly at something while delivering an internal monologue, forcing him into a role plagued by restraint instead of intensity. He has little to say, and even his montonous line delivery fails to be a novelty in a film which drags him through miles of slow territory without a foreseeable payoff. Jason Statham's presence is a failed attempt to capitalize on his new level of international recognition as the start of the Transporter films, and despite working with Luc Besson again this time, the material is not up to his standard on any level.
Even Ray Liotta has little to do. Ray Liotta is one of those actors who plays the same kind of character in every film because he does it well, and yet Revolver fails to supply him with material half-decent enough to let his instinctive juices flow. Bereft of a character who is intimidating or original in the slightest, Ray Liotta dwindles in the powerless atmosphere of Revolver like everyone else. It is depressing to watch because the talented actor looks genuinely confused much of the time and constipated at others. Ray Liotta is the kind of cast member who is not difficult to capitalize on, but Revolver manages to mess it up somehow. Ray Liotta fails to make an impression as the antagonist in Revolver, so it is the first time I can honestly say that he is not a genial presence within a crime film.
Andre Benjamin is the only cast member to take a stand in Revolver. In one of his earliest film roles, Andre Benjamin is able to embrace the overly talkative nature of the film. He articulates his words with sophistication and intensity along the lines of Denzel Washington, maintaining a charming edge to the character so consistently without ever stepping out of the part. He approaches the role with a sense of focus on genuinely convincing the other characters that he has some genuine level of power about him, and the fact that he doesn't step out of this state of mind the entire time is a powerful exercize in consistency which is more than I can say about anything else in Revolver. Andre Benjamin's supporting effort in Revolver is the best part of the film.

So despite boasting a talented group of actors and Guy Ritchie director, Revolver ends up being an overly familiar film which still manages to make itself confusing while maintaining a dreadfully slow pace, leaving viewers wondering why they should care enough to follow it.
½ August 23, 2015
Not up to Lock or Snatch but better than most critics credit it for.
August 18, 2015
With a very interesting story and great visual style, but with a convoluted narrative and unbalanced pace, Revolver tends to miss its point as it tries to balance techincal aspects with ideas that dont ussually work very well.
June 23, 2015
Wooden, clumsy, and muddled, but it does try to be adventurous and different, and manages to keep you interested even though it's a bit disappointing.
½ April 29, 2015
So I was skeptical before watching this so I read ohhh great all mighty roger eberts review where he have it a fabulous .5 out 4 and after reading I thought I sucked but decided to watch it anyways because the comments from people said that he missed the point and people should give it a try and I gotta say ebert was wrong on the film. I really enjoyed it. Ray Liota and Jason were awesome and I liked there character but I would say these weird movies isn't guy ritches strong suit but I think he pulled it off good, his movies are smart and has structure upon structure. This movie isn't without flaws either, the last mark strong scene was super awesome because of his character but it had a really bad camera work, it made me dizzy. That's how bad it was. Story is sometimes kinda flawed and boring. The ending and the whole premise is left to you to decide and isn't hard I get after a while. Overall from mark strong to its direction this is a very good film.
½ April 3, 2015
movie revolver sucked shit through a straw I like Jason statham that's the only reason I watched this movie if this the best guy Ritchie director can do he needs help
½ March 6, 2015
The problem with Revolver is that it doesn't seem to have a plot it is just a movie about gangsters shooting and mouthing off at each other
March 6, 2015
I liked the idea how he makes his moves in his mind way beyond usual. It also causes paranoia of course and just because, it becomes something to track.. A spoiler: there is no woman in this movie! :) Anyway I really enjoyed watching this one!
January 20, 2015
Not hugely successful because today's audiences are lazy. Masterfully constructed beginning to end. I only take exception to the post movie commentary. All the quoted PhDs, declaring ego is your greatest enemy were glaringly men. I anticipate a woman's take on the subject would have proven quite the opposite as women are innately nurturers who are able to work in concert with the ego rather than fight against it. The movie may accurately portray this MAN's struggle with his own psyche but there should be no inference that this struggle is eternal for both sexes.
January 11, 2015
nobody seems to understand hat Jake IS Sam Gold. and the whole movie was his game...that is why he could dodge the bullet of his was known subconciously, jake(same gold) had setup the hiest and manipulated both gangs into believing in an unseen super gangster..(Sam Gold)
January 7, 2015
i loved it. The masterpiece of Guy
½ December 14, 2014
It can be an entertaining ride, but the film becomes too psychological for its own good.
December 3, 2014
You can only get smarter by planning against a smarter opponent.
½ November 16, 2014
An exciting conman caper thriller by a director who is a master of complex thrillers and with a cast who are outstanding specialist in in thrillers. Complex is an understatement where this film is concerned. The acting, direction, and editing are all excellent. The premise is rooted in neo-Freudian nonsense and results in an ending that will disappoint some viewers and delight others. In my opinion, it is a totally unrealistic and absurdly premised film but a lot of fun to watch.
November 15, 2014
See the critics and the rating make me think that i cant trust in opinions of others never, to see this movie and understand it, you need some brains, taste and some kind of capacity to see more than just you want to see. Sad for people that wont see it, because that kind of silly coments, Im lucky... this is a FUCKING GREATEST MOVIE OF GUY RITCHIE, THE BEST OF HIM. Off course, not for everybody, which is better.
November 14, 2014
Not a clue what it was all about...
½ October 30, 2014
What did I just watch?
October 4, 2014
this film makes no sense.
September 28, 2014
For me, it was surprisingly good.
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