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½ May 3, 2015
This "made for TV" movie is hamstrung by the era's TV broadcaster's code which was more draconian than the film industry's infamous "Hays Code" era. The result is action scenes watered down to prevent audience 6 year olds from being frightened by them. It also suffers the common "all the film that's print to fit" the slotted broadcast air time, throwing its pacing off with air-time filling fluff. If all that weren't bad enough, what should be a WWII espionage thriller is burdened with innumerable romance interludes that further bog down the pace like a ball and chain around its ankle. These were obviously intended for the female audience that would seize control of the TV and change the channel without a sufficient amount inserted like one would do with some comic relief in a tragedy. The problem is not that there is some, as the plot requires a couple romantic involvements. There are too many, they're too lengthy, and the extent of most of them do not further the plot. Finally, there are several points at which it's obvious the screenplay and script were awkwardly crafted to insert a commercial break. It's an OK rendition of the novel, but it suffers badly from all the same things that afflict nearly every 1970's era "made for TV" movie. Ludlum's novel could have been adapted to film more than adequately in perhaps 60% of the current run time (actual run time without commercials). It's OK to watch and is basically a good story, but be prepared to yawn plenty before it's over. I wish it had been a theatrical production versus a bloated one for broadcast TV.
April 10, 2011
"If I never see you again, I want to remember you as cold and hateful, not cold, hateful, and courteous." Another Robert Ludlum novel turned into a sprawling TV mini-series, this World War II set spy caper contains many of the expected genre tropes. A solid cast of veteran character actors help sell it. And Stephen Collins is a passable, if perhaps a bit dopey, lead. You might want flash cards with all the various characters, though, as they throw names around pretty fast, and I had a hard time remembering who they were talking about on more than one occasion.
½ February 27, 2010

Decent WWII espionage thriller. Far-fetched plot is intriguing all the same. Handsome, wealthy,jet-setting playboy turned U.S. intelligence agent is assigned to lead a dangerous top secret mission in Argentina which will have a strong impact on the European war effort should he succeed. The character of David Spaulding falls somewhere between James Bond Agent 007 and Maxwell Smart of "Get Smart" fame -he is likable, capable, has the best of intentions, trys to make the best of a bad situation, but he tends to pull his punches and gets beat up a lot failing to notice the bad guy coming up from behind. Although the movie was rather hard to follow in places due to the complicated story line, everything resolves itself nicely in the end. Good casting.
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