Rhinoceros Eyes Reviews

June 15, 2006
Has its own peculiar sensibility, a sort of magical grotesqueness. . . . It's too bad that Woodley doesn't push his themes and ideas further, blurring reality and dream more profoundly.
May 27, 2006
Part comedy, part horror and part stream-of-consciousness, the low-budget film betrays influences ranging from retro-maven Guy Maddin to Woodley's own uncle David Cronenberg, all held together by Woodley's own unique spark.
March 10, 2006
A disturbing movie with new talents to watch ...
March 10, 2006
... I've come to appreciate the comic side of it.
April 23, 2004
The surprise is how utterly original [Woodley's] gorgeously mounted curiosity seems.
April 23, 2004
Michael Pitt, the baby-faced actor who recently played a more sophisticated cinephile in Bertolucci's "The Dreamers," holds the film together just by being himself.
April 20, 2004
A film about a guy with a fantasy life so rich it could make Walter Mitty envious.
April 18, 2004
A film rich in depth and texture, "Rhinoceros Eyes" should give avid cinastes a pleasurable time at the theatre.
February 15, 2004
A lovely, dark fairy tale told in unembarrassed allegory with verve and intelligence.
February 14, 2004
Von Trotta's look at the women's standoff is fascinating for its hints of feminism, and a radiant performance by Katja Riemann as a woman whose compassion is her only weapon.