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June 21, 2011
One of Richard Pryors best comedy shows. He is crisp and smart in his jokes, although as always, very dirty. Brilliant.
June 9, 2011
Brilliant concert. Maybe the best I've ever seen. Pryor is hilarious, and yet spends a great deal of time talking about his own personal issues, like being addicted to drugs and setting himself on fire. Never seen anything like it.
½ May 24, 2011
Jesus that was dark.
½ May 9, 2011
This is the second of Richard Pryor's big concert stand-up comedy movies, and it's nearly as amazing as the incredible first one. There's not a whole lot to write about the film: Richard Pryor gets up on stage, he talks, tells stories and jokes, plays characters, and is hilarious. Some of the topics he discusses include love, racism, wild animals, and the infamous freebasing accident that set him on fire and nearly killed him. He's always funny, and has this poignant, sad honesty when discussing his own personal problems and his drug addiction. I would put Pryor on my top five list of the funniest people who ever lived (along with Groucho Marx, Douglas Adams, Mel Brooks, and Woody Allen). So, needless to say, watching him talk for an hour and twenty minutes is pretty much heaven. That's really all that needs to be said about the movie.
February 6, 2011
I saw this in the theater when it came out in Charlottesville, VA. Funny stuff. Just watched it again and nearly 30 years later it is just as funny. This is the stand-up I recall of Pryor's. Some funny stuff.

I love the way this filmed. Great access. This is a document Pryor at his height.
January 28, 2011
Pryor lyckades med det få ståuppare kan, att vara lysande även när han inte är rolig. Här är blandningen mellan personligt och flabbigt så väl avvägd att det blir en riktigt, riktigt bra film.
December 17, 2010
Richard Pryor, wish I could have seen him, really funny shit.
October 9, 2010
The funniest comedian of all time at the top of his game
August 1, 2010
Much like Eddie Murphy, nothing but anti-white racist jokes.
I expected more from Richard Prior and have to admit to being very disapointed =o(
½ July 23, 2010
Pryor's most famous, but not necessarily his best. He gets quite political while waxing comedic on both racial and social issues. But he does crank out a few timeless comic moments of all time. "...thank god we got penitentiaries!"
½ July 17, 2010
You GOTTA love Richard Pryor even though I dont think this was one of his best gigs
May 17, 2010
I think of Richard Pryor as one of those comedians that must have been huge in the generation just a few years older than me. My knowledge of Richard Pryor is a fleeting appreciation of his films with Gene Wilder, Brewsters Millions and Harlem Nights. I really have no idea if I??m getting the best of him or not with that bunch, so it was with a bit of interest that I voyaged in the direction of this stand up comedy film (which seems to be a long lost art form). What I didn??t realise was there was a fair amount of historical significance associated with Pryor and this, essentially a comeback, film. Taking place after a public scandal involving drugs, Pryor appears visibly nervous at the beginning and most of the material verges on the seriously dated. But as the show progresses, I got to see a side of one of the most famous stand up comedians that I had never seen or had come to respect. There??s no joke, he was a funny and talented guy, even here, on the verge of beginning his final run at super-stardom. His candid approach to his career and drug use was suprising and endearing. Watching this has only made peaked my interest in discovering some of his other shining moments.
March 13, 2010
1 of the best ever...
½ March 8, 2010
I haven't seen a lot of Pryor's standup, but based on this, it's not that great. This started out kind of funny, but just got stupid. Had my last laugh in this early.
March 7, 2010
A maior parte das piadas não me convenceram.
January 31, 2010
Not quite as good as Live in Concert but that would be pretty hard to beat.
½ January 22, 2010
Not as funny as I used to think it was... the Mudbone stuff is always a major drag. But lots of great bits.
½ January 18, 2010
Richard Pryor stand up video from the early 80's. Early on, I thought I saw the Reverend Jesse Jackson in the audience. I prefer Chris Rock myself.
January 6, 2010
One of the 5 funniest men ever.
December 18, 2009
if not the best his best performance ever.
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