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Ride Along Quotes

  • Ben: James, how many rainbows are you made out of because right now I see one, two, three trainbows. Ha. I just said trainbows.

  • Gun Shop Val: Hi, James. How you doing?
    James: Fine. I gotta train a new booty today.
    Ben: I'm the new booty?

  • Omar: Stop throwing stuff
    Miggs: I can't I already pulled it

  • James: What you doing
    Ben: You've got 5 seconds to pick it up and throw it back

  • Omar: If Omar shoots him then Omar shoot him

  • James: I'm gonna take you on a ride along.
    Ben: Oh hell no!

  • James: You're white! You're white! You don't fight!

  • Ben: My stomach's in my ass!

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