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½ May 1, 2016
OK, Jay Nixon...The only reviews I have got to read of yours have been for movies that feature Barbara Eden and all three of the ones I have read are from movies were her characters are VERY different so how exactly can you say that she does not comprehend acting? Maybe you don't like a movie or you don't like the particular acting in this film but to say they just don't know how to act is unfair and rather rude. Explain how it wasn't "acting" exactly since to be the judge of that you probably understand what someone went through to do a particular role. Not only to mention ALL of them had long acting careers and if you bothered to witness all of them and at the very least acknowledged that "oh, their acting" maybe you could come up with a more constructive review, seeing as you still won't like the film but you would have more than just a rude generalization about the human beings rather than the real work itself.
Alright, my tangent is over. On to the film. This is one of my favorites to watch during the summer, though people are fully entitled to their opinions about it being cheesy, and I could understand why it can be viewed so, it is significantly less cheesy than the other beach movies of the 60s that's for sure. It brings drama and comedy together and doesn't make it all about teenagers dancing and eating hotdogs in the sand. What's wrong with having a fun film once and awhile, though? However, those in constant search of what they deem "substance" (actually a fairly subjective term) there is drama that is pretty realistic as Fabian plays Jodie, a young man who has quite college because it got too difficult and is convinced that everybody he comes across is a phony who doesn't really care bout him. His love interest, Brie Matthews (Shelly Fabares) encourages him to go back to college and not give up so easily which he takes poorly of course as quitting has started to come easy to him. Peter Brown plays the comically serious Chase Colton who desperately needs to learn to lighten up even though he does serve as a wonderful voice of reason. His love interest is Augie Poole (Barbara Eden) whom he meets via her standing on his neck. They are certainly the most entertaining couple and the adventurous Augie is hilarious as she is both love sick instantly over him in a charmingly sweet and girly way and adamant to get him to lead a more spontaneous lifestyle. Following a fight he decides he doesn't like his rigidness and decides to do a dangerous jump off of a waterfall, however she tells him she likes him just the way he is and he still does it but ultimately they accept each other lovingly. Tab Hunter's character romances Lily Kilua (Susan Hart) who has a mother that is convinced all surfers are bums based off of her husband leaving her and being lazy.
Overall a very entertaining movie for someone looking for light fun and just enough drama to have an engaging story line.
June 21, 2012
pretty people populate this surf yarn
½ July 12, 2011
one of my personal faves of the beach movie genre which sprang up in the sixties.
March 18, 2010
Energetic but pretty bland B-movie. The characters are dull, the plot flimsy, and there are only slight touches of the kitschy weirdness you sometimes find in these movies. If you're looking for entertaining camp, this one's nothing special.
June 25, 2009
Wow a surf movie that's actually about surfin', of course romantic subplots are thrown in for good measure not to mention it stars the ever dreamy Fabian and a pretty good theme song by Jan and Dean. It's a little rough around the edges and unintentionally funny at times but holds its own as far as surf movies go.
½ April 29, 2009
Wow the shots where the actors were supposed to be surfing and the camera went in for the close up were so bad that I laughed out loud. I could achieve those effects with a handy cam and a projector and still do a better job.
January 11, 2009
Not exactly brilliant filmmaking, but I have a real soft spot for this movie. It's basically a Beach Party movie, but with a cooler cast and trying to be realistic (or the early 60s/Donna Reed version of realistic). You gotta love watching a young Shelley Fabares, a pre-I Dream of Jeannie Barbara Eden, Tab Hunter, Peter Brown, and Robert Mitchum's oldest son James Mitchum (who looks just like his dad) as surfing champ Eskimo Dobbs. I also love seeing the 1960s North Shore location footage (site of future surfing films The North Shore, Blue Crush, and Step Into Liquid) which also happening to be one of my favorite vacation spots. Love it!
½ January 1, 2009
A classic! I love seeing a young Barbara Eden as a brunette and a super-blonde Shelley Fabares flirting up a storm with surf-hunks Fabian and Tab Hunter. Groovy in the best possible way.
October 24, 2008
Basically, I'm going to give this movie one star because the boys are cute.
August 6, 2008
hello Fabian. My mum introduced me to this little wonder of a ridiculous 60s surf movie and I'll always love it.
½ July 18, 2008
Not that I know anything about surf culture but this just seems so much more realistic than the AIP beach movies (I suppose that's a no-brainer though).

And who doesn't love a movie with copious amounts of rear-screen projection?
May 17, 2008
Excellent Movie!!! Love this flick. One of my all time favourites. Even the baddies aren't too bad!!!
Super Reviewer
February 27, 2008
Pretty people only go so far, eventually some acting is required which seems beyond the good looking cast in this. The ocean looks beautiful though.
½ December 7, 2007
Fascinating surf video for the mid-60's generation, but the cinematography is greatly improved in Blue Crush and the actors actually do the surfing there.
½ July 13, 2007
A fairly fluffy and frivolous movie- and some of the surf scenes went on FOREVER, but it was entertaning and good fun.
July 5, 2007
This is a cute classic movie!!!!
½ February 24, 2007
Not a great movie, but FUN
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