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February 1, 2014
Beyond perfect! Brilliant as always!
August 28, 2013
I was a bit worried that this wouldn't be all that funny, being that like many of Paul Verhoeven's films are satirical to begin with. I have never been so happy to be poven wrong
August 25, 2013
Probably the best RiffTrax I've seen yet! Thoroughly enjoyed this!
½ August 16, 2013
It's difficult to defend something like Starship Troopers. On the one hand, it is a competently-made film with a satirical element that has tongue firmly in cheek. On the other, you can't deny just how ludicrous and silly it all is. Even the actors are fairly boring compared to the big story. Paul Verhoeven certainly knows how to drag a movie out though: with lots and lots of scenes of giant bugs being killed with futuristic automatic weapons. This is also one of the movies that put everyone on notice about Denise Richards. Personally, I never found her all that attractive, but between this, Wild Things and The World is Not Enough, her career was pretty much over from the get-go, despite being married to Charlie Sheen at the time and being salivated over by men. Oh well. The movie itself is a bunch of big dumb fun, and I hadn't seen it since it came out on video. I saw it recently with Rifftrax Live, and I realized why I had forgotten most of it. Not everything is memorable in it. It's just fun if you're in the right frame of mind. As far as Rifftrax goes, I don't think this one is one of their best riffings. It was good, but just not good enough.
½ August 15, 2013
I have dropped my keyboard. It has erased my review. All I am going to say now, having written a rhapsody on the curiously dated references and so forth and then lost it, is that Cara Miller and I had a great time, and we'll see you at [i]Night of the Living Dead[/i] in October. Also, while it amuses me that cast members saw the broadcast, I wished they'd gotten Neil Patrick Harris as a special guest star.
August 15, 2013
Absolutely hilarious
½ August 15, 2013
Who would have thought the funniest movie of 2013 would be Starship Troopers? Only anyone who's ever seen it. The combination of Rifftrax, led by Mike Nelson, and the wonderfully cheesy Troopers with the "acting" triumvirate of Denise Richards, Casper Van Diem, and Neil Patrick Harris makes movie magic. See: Harris in full Nazi regalia. See: Denise Richards trying to find an expression, ANY expression on her blank, beautiful face. And Casper Van Diem? See why his career didn't last until the millennium. And see the bugs, the wonderful bugs. The Rifftrax crew highlighted everything wrong in this crazed sci-fi classic. And they did it live. Can't wait till October when they skewer Night of the Living Dead.
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