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March 9, 2017
This may have been the first Cynthia Rothrock vehicle that I have run across, but I'm certain that it won't be my last. Here she stars alongside Yuen Biao and kicks much ass, sporting a truly glorious Mary Lou Retton hairstyle, making it feel very much of the time period.

Well worth a rental if you have the chance.
September 4, 2016
I expected a lot more great action from this movie but it was quite a disappointment for me. As an action movie it is about average. Yuen Biao is a lawyer who is angry that the law seems to be protecting rich baddies. James Tien is the baddie that escape the law when the witness is dead. Yuen said angrily to his boss Roy Chiao if only he can take things in his own hands. Cynthia Rothrock is a tough cop who works under Melvin Wong. Corey Yuen is a lousy and slow cop whose father Wu Ma is always scolding him but protective of him. Yuen don his action suit and kill a sidekick of James at night. Cynthia is on to this case and she take Corey as her sidekick. Fan Siu-Wong is a young punk who try to break into a Roll-Royce but the driver came and drive it. He hide in the trunk. It belongs to James and turns out Melvin is a bad cop in cahoot with him. Melvin is not happy of James becoming more arrogant and he kills him. Few minutes later Yuen come but James is already dead. Cynthia follow him and thought Yuen is the killer. They fight and he manage to cuff her to the railing and escape. Yuen go to court but off course James didn't turn up. Cynthia barge in and want to nab Yuen but Roy said past one hour they were together so he can't be the killer. Somehow he know Yuen act as the vigilante? Fan try to hide in Yuen house but fail and he get some money from him to prevent him saying anything. Corey catch him back to the station. He is shock to see Melvin and try to snap a deal with him at $1 million. At night Melvin went to his home and kill his grandpa. Fan try to take him out but not his match. Corey follow Fan and stall Melvin but he is shot dead. A killer Peter Cunningham is send to kill Yuen and he is defeated. He call Melvin to report. Fan then plug out his phone line and say Melvin is the baddie.
Cynthia block their car and gonna nab Yuen. Fan separately call to meet Melvin and Cynthia to show her who is the killer. Melvin spotted him and send killer Karen Sheperd to assassinate him in public. Cynthia is too late and chase after her. They had a good fight and Cynthia manage to kill Karen. Cynthia find Melvin in a hangar and is kill by a drill screw to her throat by Melvin. Yuen also come and angry he will kill his own subordinate. They fight and Melvin is losing. He fly the plane and Yuen grab the rope. He kill him in the air and jump down to the sea without chute. The plane crash and exploded. Yuen float and have bleedings (dead?)
May 5, 2013
Director Corey Yuen Teams Up With Hong Kong Legend Corey Yuen & American Martial Arts Queen Cynthia Rothrock, For This Classic Martial Arts Action Thriller. A So So Typical Plot But With the Right Cast And Direction Makes This An Enjoyable Action Flick.
½ April 27, 2013
Extremely cheesy and dated, but there are a couple of undeniably amazing moments, such as an epic arm-mounted "fist cam" punch, and a heart-stopping drop out of a helicopter.
October 31, 2011
One of the 80's finest!!
January 27, 2011
Yuen Biao plays a prosecutor who is sick of seeing criminals escape the law. He takes matters into his own hands and begins offing criminals, and a equally skilled detective is sent to investigate.

The action is well done, choreographed real well. There are three good fight scenes, and a few stunt pieces. Definitely reeks of 80's action cinema, with the bad dub the only version I could find.

The movie's premise is interesting but the story is not. It drag in between fight scenes and ends with a lame plane sequence after a great fight instead of ending right there.

A solid piece of 80's action cinema, if you've already exhausted the films of Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung.
June 15, 2010
An underrated modern martial arts classic!
February 19, 2010
Friday February 19, 2010

(1986) Above The Law (aka Rightings Wrongs)
(In Chinese with English subtitles)

Another plotless vigilante and revenge storyline overshadowed by some of the best acrobatic martial action action ever captured on film.

As an action film, this film gets 4/4
September 13, 2009
This movie Rothrocks!
½ September 9, 2009
Good action with a decent story to keep things going. It's nice to see Cynthia Rothrock in a role where she had access to great fight choreographers. I like Biao Yuen a little more than Jackie Chan. While the action was good, it felt a little too edited to me. Aside from a couple ridiculously obvious stand-ins, the action was smooth. It was kind of a disjointed movie and didn't seem too well put together, but it got it's point across. Extra half star for it not backing down from being pretty brutal in how the bad guys may not just back down and let some people live.
August 12, 2009
Every one looks so young in this movie. Good story, good action, good theme, different ending than most martial arts movies.
August 6, 2009
Outside of the fight scenes this movie is a real disappointment. In addition to this the ending is pretty awful despite having two other alternate endings, they are still bad. The acting isn't too bad, but despite having good direction, the movie drags very heavily in between fights.
Super Reviewer
November 6, 2008
One of the bestest Cynthia Rothrock movies where it filmed in Hong Kong with co-star Yuen Biao. Cynthia's stand-out fight scene is a weapon's duel with another American martial arts mistress Karen Shepard - amazing!
August 8, 2008
Let's say you already watched all of Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung's martial arts flicks of the 80s, and you're wanting another movie set squarely in the Hong Kong action tradition intended for a foreign audience? Well, you might as well watch "Above the Law." In general, it's about as dumb as your average American action movie of the time, but makes up for it by having incredible fight sequences at regular intervals. Biao Yuen and Cynthia Rothrock know what they're doing, and the supporting fighters are just as skilled as they are. Each fight, including a car versus man match, is mostly flawless, even if not as creative or ambitious as the best martial arts films out there. It's definitely worth killing eighty-five minutes though if that's what you're looking for.
½ July 27, 2008
Kind of Yuen Biao's Police Story. Quite bleak for a Hong Kong action flick. Some great action here though.
½ June 29, 2008
Story is spotty as hell, but everything else about this movie rules. Features one of the greatest kicks ever filmed.
May 1, 2008
Seriously one of my guilty pleasure films. The plot is so cheesy, you find yourself laughing at what's probably inappropriate times. It's gotta be said though, that it has the best fight scenes of any Kung-fu film I've seen. Yuen Biao and Cynthia Rothrock are phenomenal.
April 25, 2008
I love this film. Seen it many times. Its one of those film that you can put on every now and then and still enjoy it. Cynthia Rothrock is really good in this.
June 28, 2004
decided not to work this mornig, but have to drive to sacramento later and be there by 1:00 PM

so, the weekend ended up late, got to see more DVD's, continue arranging my belingings, did my laundry, went to costco (didn't knwo i had one SO near my house), etc.......

righting wrongs ended up been a great movie, just as i remembered it from 8 or 10 years ago when i first saw it in some illegal copied chinese rental tape. Yuen Biao is at his best, both acting and doing action scenes, and being the stunt double of cinthia rothrock all the time. very good movie!

dang, around the world did even worse on its second week, sure, thanks to ppl like unadon! ;)

anyway, i decided not to see that farenheit thing... why do i need to go to the movies to get mad and frustrated about how that bastard rules this country and the global implications of his acts. i have read michael moore's books at airport's waiting lounges and already knew the whole story... and nothing irritates me more than seeing that those trues are out there and still half of the population supports him!!! definately not what i go to the movies for... i will watch it on video later, or after 4 or 5 weeks perhaps.

k, going to rest for another hour before i get up and get ready to work, hee hee... yeah, that is another subject that is giving me frustration, but let's not go there now ;)
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