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January 26, 2018
It's long but involving, with an unexpectedly good performance from Dean Martin.
March 5, 2017
Rio Bravo isn't a Fordian display of vast Western visas; the contours explored here are emotional.
April 23, 2013
Underrated at the time of its release, this majestically paced western is one of the finest achievements of the genre and stands as a career-best for many of its participants.
April 23, 2013
Warm, witty and endlessly welcoming, not only is it the filmmaker's finest Oater -- better even than the sparkling Red River -- it's arguably the quintessential Hawks flick.
April 23, 2013
A definitive piece of Americana by way of Howard Hawks, Rio Bravo is what the late 1950s studio system was all about
April 23, 2013
The movie is simultaneously an apogee of the classic Western style, with its principled violence in defense of just law, and an eccentrically hyperbolic work of modernism, which yokes both bumptious erotic comedy and soul-searing rawness to the mission.
April 23, 2013
To watch Rio Bravo is to see a master craftsman at work. The film is seamless. There is not a shot that is wrong. It is uncommonly absorbing, and the 141-minute running time flows past like running water.
August 29, 2011
[VIDEO] "Rio Bravo" (1959) is Howard Hawkes's shamelessly commercial Western.
May 1, 2011
If Only Angels Have Wings is the foremost masterwork of the director's early period, Rio Bravo is that of the later, even more genial years.
July 7, 2010
Classic Western with superb story telling.
Top Critic
April 27, 2009
Wayne, of course, walks off with the show -- not by doing anything in particular, but simply by being what he is: at 51, still one of the most believable he-men in Hollywood.
February 20, 2009
Texecution is superb in every department, making this one of the classics of the genre
May 13, 2008
Rio Bravo is a big, brawling western.
May 13, 2008
A lengthy, leisurely paced film.
May 13, 2008
Faultless, freewheeling-and very funny.
May 13, 2008
Flawlessly cast, complex, amusing and exciting, the film integrates multi-layered themes into a unified and satisfying whole.
May 13, 2008
Howard Hawks's finest western (1959), and perhaps his finest film.
May 22, 2007
Although Rio Bravo rather ambles along, it still has enough good points to make it a genial viewing experience.
May 21, 2007
Rio Bravo may not be a perfect film, but it's close enough as to not matter.
May 17, 2007
... one Hawks' greatest films, perhaps his masterpiece, and one of the finest westerns of all time.
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