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May 22, 2007
Although Rio Bravo rather ambles along, it still has enough good points to make it a genial viewing experience.
May 21, 2007
Rio Bravo may not be a perfect film, but it's close enough as to not matter.
May 17, 2007
... one Hawks' greatest films, perhaps his masterpiece, and one of the finest westerns of all time.
August 16, 2006
No matter what you think of Zinnemann's High Noon (I'm mixed), it's directly responsible for the making of Hawks' most entertaining and classic Western, which displays all of his thematic concerns, such as the emergence of an intimate male camaraderie
March 25, 2006
Despite its slickness, virility, occasional humor and, if it may be repeated, authentic professional approach, it is well-made but awfully familiar fare.
February 9, 2006
Arguably Hawks' greatest film.
October 9, 2005
August 27, 2005
Howard Hawks made Rio Bravo as a conservative response to the liberal High Noon.
July 28, 2005
May 12, 2005
April 7, 2005
May 28, 2004
November 7, 2003
February 20, 2003
November 25, 2002
One of Hawks' best westerns.
September 10, 2002
It's heart-warming, thrilling and romantic... It doesn't get much better than this!
August 30, 2002
July 26, 2002
July 25, 2002
Masterful. Archetypal Westerns don't get any better.
July 25, 2001
Rio Bravo is everything you likely ever imagined a western to be, and a little bit more.
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