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½ September 8, 2015
The only positive I can really give is that I didn't turn it off. It kept my attention the whole time. But the characters were not believable or compelling or even likable (especially Rosie), and there was pretty much no chemistry. Their acting was... eh. I did like the trucker guy, but then when he knowingly had sex with the 14-year old, I lost that too. Glad I saw it for free on Amazon Prime.
March 18, 2015
"Ripe"?...more like ROTTEN, this movie was boring. The acting was very mediocre and you never really care for any of the main characters. They did a horrible job in character development with these two. 2/5 or 4/10, feel free to skip this movie.
June 29, 2014
great story line movie could of been a little more interesting tho very predictable
½ July 1, 2009
This movie is somewhat slow moving, but my interest was maintained throughout. I wasn't impressed by the opening monologue as it didn't quite come across as sincere, more or less just words read off a script. But the plot was interesting and true to the nature of teen girls raising themselves without much outside influence.
May 2, 2009
A very curious indie flick, 'Ripe' surprised me a little. Going into it I wasn't sure what to expect, but I am more than happy with the final product. It's really about two twin runaways who find themselves at a military camp of some sort. Throughout 'Ripe' we follow sisters Rosie and Violet as they discover a life with more than just the two of them in it. Both are conflicted and one is jealous. The two play out till the bitter end, a very satisfying end to an interesting picture. All the acting is good in 'Ripe', and I must admit I bought the film just to see the excellent Gordon Currie. He is without doubt my favorite indie actor and he does not disappoint in the film, but nor does the rest of the cast, including our two leads (Daisy Eagan as Rosie and Monica Keena as Violet). My one concern is that at times I began to not feel what the characters felt, but I think being of the opposite sex may be the reason behind that. There is a lot of subtext in scenes, but sometimes director Mo Ogrodnik decides to kill the subtext with little comments. There's that and the audio was a little strange.

Still, 'Ripe' is a very sophisticated film that is going to go unnoticed by many because of its indie nature. And that's alright. I don't think everybody will enjoy it, but a bunch should.
March 11, 2009
I liked this movie for the most part. The characters r fairly well developed and the story line interesting enough to keep me watching. But unless u are a fan of this genre I wouldn't suggest u see it. It's a bit slow and casting isn't very well done. The story could have been told much better...I wish it had been cuz, I liked the story line.
½ January 22, 2009
very forgettable. not something i'd watch again even if someone offered me free sparkling apple cider.
November 10, 2008
I couldn't look away. I made me feel dirty, however.
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