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½ February 19, 2011
Jesus Franco takes on the Frankenstein legend with a dead-again, alive-again Dr. Frankenstein, a vengeful but easily hypnotized daughter. a sparkly silver monster, a reincarnating nemesis who emits magnetic waves, and a half-woman monster conceived in a night of three-way passion between the reincarnating nemesis, Oscar the Grouch and Big Bird. This is Frankenstein as you've never seen it before and probably never should have. This is Frankenstein Meets the So Bad It's Fun Director Without Set Lighting, and you'll neither love it nor hate it but you WILL make fun of it... because you MUST.

The evil Dr. Cagliostro has kidnapped the Frankenstein monster after his henchmen have done away with Dr. Frankenstein. When Vera Frankenstein comes to town, she's out for revenge. She digs up her father and hooks him up to the same machine that was used to animate the monster and with the flick of a switch brings him back to life to tell her what happened. Then she keeps him around and every time she has a question, she just flips a switch and dear old dad's not quite so dead. Dr. Cagliostro has big plans; he's kidnapped the monster so that the monster can mate with a bride of Frankenstein he's whipping up by killing local women (it only happens once in the film, but somehow he gets a whole monster-mate out of this...). Meanwhile, his half-daughter -- who is also half raptor and has green feather dusters for hands and an annoying screech to prove it -- is going around eating people. Why is all this happening? Because Dr. Cagliostro knows that if the monsters have a child, it will bring the Panthos to earth. Who are the Panthos? Well... dunno. However, it's very important that Dr. Cagliostro bring them to earth after he's inseminated a bald eagle to produce his part-muppet daughter and kidnapped the silvery Frankenstein. Personally, I believe that the Panthos may be a sort of potato chip with the great taste of pants. It's as good a theory as any advanced by this very silly flick.

So, should *you* watch this movie? Should you sit through scenes that are so poorly lit that if there were no sound you'd think that you'd forgotten to turn on your television? Through a three-minute close-up of someone's nose filling the screen? Well, it depends. Do you giggle over outrageously awful dialogue? Is it fun for you to spot the misses in make-up (oops... forgot to put silver on the back of Frankie's neck in that shot...)? Have you had a few and are looking for something to help you get your MST3K on? If the answer to all of these are yes, then see The Rites of Frankenstein. If the answer is no, then just pull your Panthos up and go find something else.
March 27, 2009
As a big fan of Jess Franco I was very interested to view his version of bride of Frankenstein. I was very disappointed. This was in no way what I was expecting? It had none of the decadence you normally look for in a Franco film. Its still clearly a Franco film from the way its shot. Incredible scenery and some very atmospheric weirdness. But I knew I was in trouble when in the first twenty minutes of the film there is little dialogue or action and I found myself getting a little bored. But I told myself dont worry; Lina Romay is in this at some point? Things will get better. Sadly for me I have a German import DVD version of the film. Its dubbed, but for some reason the scenes with the beautiful Lina in are not. All in German with no option of subtitles? So I had no Idea what she was saying or who the old gypsy was? I know thats not Francos fault that my DVD was pants. But come on Frankensteins monster is silver skinned and wears a nice pair of slacks and dress shoes. And the less said about the blind bird woman the better.
½ December 5, 2008
The DVD only presents the censored version and is NOT representative of the film.
December 17, 2007
The bird woman is scary & strangely erotic & very beautiful. The silver Frankenstein is a brilliant idea. The bug eyed camera lens is genius, the skeleton creatures are freaky & very surreal. The castle is immense & really spooky & is used to its full capacity thanks to the trippy cinematography. The pace is very tranquilizing. And there are plenty of quirky inventions, like you can expect from a Franco film. AMAZING STUFF
October 17, 2007
Scenen där den blåsilvrige frankensteins monster får smaka piska tillsammans med naken donna är den stora behållnignen, förutom fågelkvinnan, hon är bra och Howard Vernons stirr, det är ochså bra.
½ October 13, 2007
One of those strangely bizarre, badly and blurrily lit Frano movies that still hold a certain attraction for its levels of non-sensical weirdness and appaling acting. Watch a drunk Dennis Price pretending to be re-awakened from death time and time again. Watch an outrageous bird woman join forces with Cagliostro to create a breed of super humans, er, silver skilled Frankenstein monsters. Watch armies of Undead in cheap Halloween makeup.
½ November 15, 2006
a silver frankenstein monster? Franco rules!
½ September 14, 2006
Entertaining Franco nonsense. Great performances by Howard Vernon and an early appearance by Lina Romay (in scenes added to the film.)
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