River of No Return Reviews

March 26, 2019
Marilyn Monroe here meets the West for the first, and, I am sure, the last time.
July 17, 2012
Though nicely shot in CinemaScope, this Western is not one of director Otto Preminger's or stars Robert Mitchum's and Marilyn Monroe's strong films.
March 6, 2008
It's an awfully creaky story but the superb performances and Preminger's amazing use of widescreen make it a must-see.
January 3, 2008
Marilyn turns in a surprisingly okay performance.
October 23, 2007
Director Otto Preminger's only western is a simple, frequently charming, and beautifully photographed film blessed with fine performances and great teamwork from Robert Mitchum and Marilyn Monroe.
October 23, 2007
The striking beauties of the Canadian Rockies co-star with the blonde charms of Marilyn Monroe and the masculine muscles of Robert Mitchum in River of No Return.
October 23, 2007
Despite some pretty locations and occasional tension, there's little going on.
October 23, 2007
Some decent performances, but with this story they didn't have much of a chance.
October 23, 2007
One of the first films to discover the potential of CinemaScope and a fine example of Preminger's rational approach to the mysteries of personal morality.
Top Critic
June 24, 2006
There really is no return.
March 25, 2006
Director Otto Preminger has thrown all the grandeur and menace of these features upon the eye-filling CinemaScope screen.
March 10, 2003
It's fun watching Mitchum and Monroe heat things up in the Old West; Monroe is at her most luminous as a saloon singer with a heart of gold.
June 29, 2002
April 28, 2002
Typical of the genre