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September 20, 2016
As a white South African, this movie had me in tears. Could not be more relevant today. Provides excellent historical background using full power of the visual. Highly recommended!
April 28, 2013
I saw this move today and it made me so angry. The parallels between the ways that the Israelis are treating the Palestinians and the Afrikaners treated the blacks in South Africa are striking. The way in which the Israelis are systematically building roads and settlements into the West Bank to not only cut off the Palestinian people from Israel, but to also cut them off from each other is outrageous. Israel controls EVERYTHING and the Palestinians are completely at their mercy, all in the name of religion. It's amazing that we, as a nation, throws money at Israel, a country that is committing real human rights atrocities, but we shackle countries like Iran and North Korea with crippling, sanctions, so crippling that they cannot even feed their own people, when all that they're doing is trying to defend themselves and get us to take them seriously. I challenge any of my friends to watch this film and tell me that they agree with what Israel is doing in both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. And if you do agree with it after you watch this film, please kindly remove me as your friend.

What's really sad is how two oppressed groups, the Jews and the Afrikaners, who ended up leaving their home lands in the name of religious freedom and oppression, could turn so quickly from being the oppressed into being oppressors. What makes what Israel is doing so bad is that they are doing it with our tax money and our weapons. The American Government knows what they are doing, refuses to tell us about it, and refuses to do anything about it themselves. Makes me sick!
December 21, 2012
end apartheid in israel!
October 13, 2012
amazing. everyone should see this film, i did not know what was going on in Palestine, our news does not give us any report on the mass suppression of people
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