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October 14, 2007
I only watched it once and probably only will, tough it was enjoyable enough it was more than 2 and a half hours long and it plodded rather too much. I'm a fan of Mira Sorvino, this is what attracted me to it (She's so so so hot in Replacement Killers). Stephen Dorff has done much better and it was really a made for TV Movie. Though some of the Disaster ones they tend to do always work out better. There was a very lovely British Actress in this, Sophia Myles but it was obvious she was gonna kop it. Shame. There's not enough emphasis put on just how important the theme o fthis movie is supposed to be but we're not given enough of teh situation to really care. It all too soon becomes another conspiracy film. Thumbs down but I felt it was with the check out. I still stand by that feeling.
October 9, 2007
They should have follow the book a little more than that...
August 16, 2007
sort of weirded me out and really really really long!
August 13, 2007
they fucked up the real story but still the cast did A GREAT JOB OF TRYING TO MAKE IT BETTER
August 11, 2007
This movie is way too long and lacks a coherent plot. Even if you just want to watch a brainless action movie this one comes up way short.
July 16, 2007
I can't imagine why good actors actually decided to take the roles in this movie. It is way too long and generally poor. I won't see it again.
June 22, 2007
Pretty average mini-series which doesn't do Robert Ludlum justice.
June 19, 2007
was very good gripping stuff
May 29, 2007
TV Have to watch it still
½ March 28, 2007
This made of TV movie was disappointing and far too long. Stephen Dorff really just phones it in wit his uninspired performance. More talented actors like Mira Sorvino, Blair Underwood and Angelica Huston get relegated to minor and poorly fleshed out supporting roles. A disappointing film that had enough acting talent to do something good if they had any material to work with.
March 16, 2007
the second half of the movie is better. overall its a good movie
½ February 8, 2007
Muy entretenida, aunque algo larga. Sorvino siempre bien.
January 21, 2007
If nothing other than the fact that it is based on a robert ludlum book, it should be worth watching at least once
September 16, 2006
ok movie, nothing special, but i has Stephen Dorff so it is awesome
July 24, 2006
Painfully overlong, very needlessly so. The basic plot is a good one, but it drags on so long, any good plot ideas are completely lost. I had a difficult time getting through the entire film. Half of the movie could have been cut, and should have been cut. Another decent cast ensamble wasted.
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