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December 5, 2011
The legend unfolds when sir robin of Loxley (Richard Greene) returns from the crusades to find his land stolen and his people suffering under the corrupt rule of the Sheriff Of Nottingham (Alan Wheatley). Robin becomes a fugitive in Sherwood Forrest where he and his Merry Men (aided by the beautiful Maid Marian) fight with wits and longbows for the rights of the people. The Sheriff is tireless in plotting the downfall and destruction of the Merry Men, yet for all his power and his armies, he is no match for the cunning and bravery of Robin Hood.

also stars Bernadette O'Farrell, Alfie Bass, Archie Duncan, Gabriel Toyne, Gerard Heinz, Ian Hunter and John Rutland.

directed by Ralph Smart, Dan Birt and Terence Fisher.
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