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March 9, 2015
I grew up watching this movie. This is my favorite movie of all time. I've literally watched this movie at least 10,000 times.
February 28, 2015
While it's not as memorable as it's predecessor, RoboCop 2 is still a pretty fun sci-fi action flick. It's worth a watch for that last scene.
February 13, 2015
The director of The Empire Strikes Back takes on another sci-fi sequel. Murph is back and he is stalking his wife. They tell him not to do that, and that he is a machine. "Ain't nobody got time for that!" A crazy lady puts a criminal's brain in a next-gen Robocop, it's up to the original to put a stop to a rampage. The obsolete model battles the new model and wins. Terminator 2 did it better. This is good for laughs though. Those terrible effects! Stop-motion nostalgia. The last line is unbelievable.
February 11, 2015
Lame sequel to a lame action flick about a new drug that hits the streets of Detroit and only Robocop can stop it.
½ January 31, 2015
As a standalone sci-fi action film, it's really not as bad, but it fails to live up to its classic predecessor in every possible way. By the time RoboCop first appears, it's as though the writers completely reset RoboCop's personality, as though none of the events of the first RoboCop film even happened. The characters are nothing special, and neither is the film's under-aged villain, who sounds like a cheesy attempt to either shock audiences or trigger a sentimental reaction, both of which are equally implausible because the film doesn't have the right atmosphere. The story itself is quite thin and eerily devoid of the social commentary that made the original RoboCop a classic in the first place. While the story and characters are shallow, this film does have a few redeeming qualities. The film does make up for some of its flaws with some decent action scenes, but in this film they seem to only gloss over the shallow plot. Perhaps the best moment in the film is when they reprogram RoboCop and turn him into a jabbering, slogan-shouting buffoon. As funny as it is, it's also a strangely effective metaphor for what would become of all future RoboCop films (and that includes last year's terrible RoboCop remake). My point is that, by the time this film was made, RoboCop had become nothing more than a brand name, and future RoboCop films would continue to disgrace the classic film that came before it.
January 29, 2015
A somewhat worthy sequel to a cinamatic masterpiece. A more mean spirited and even darker film than even the original, yet retains non of the irony or satire. It's more of a parody of the previous film with almost the exact same plot. 6 out'ta 10
January 28, 2015
The plot is so weak that it is often hard to guess what will happen next. Uneven and hard to follow. What should be a fun follow up to the original quickly disintegrates into a caricature of itself. While it tries to grapple with the issues of the day: money, corruption, technology, drugs and crime; it fails to make anything more than a superficial commentary. Money, bad. Crime, bad. Movie, bad.
January 27, 2015
not as good as the first but still very good
January 20, 2015
Surprised I enjoyed this. It was actually more like a good old robocop romp without any deeper meaning or something like that. Action was pretty good. Don't know why so many people don't like this one.
½ December 25, 2014
Where to start with what's wrong with this picture. Firstly they changed Robocop from a realistic looking chrome to a plastic blue suit. They also made his voice sound weird. The villain isn't interesting or entertaining in anyway. They put an annoying twelve year in it as a bad guy. Basically the list of flaws is endless.

The original picture in my opinion is still untouchable. With good effects, casting and story, none of these qualities are present in the sequels.

It's a shame because it could have been a lot better but it completely missed the mark.
½ November 24, 2014
While being hysterical at parts, Robocop 2 feels empty in the intellectual and satirical department that made the original so much fun to watch.
November 23, 2014
Can't believe that I'm saying this but, I honestly think that this movie is good enough to warrant a pass. It's stupid and idiotic, but hey, the first one was too. Way too many subplots, but they did all tie in together and they never did exceed their tolerance level. Good buy doesn't win 100% of the time, especially near the end? Granted, but I felt it allowed for a more realistic and satirical view on things.
November 19, 2014
It's got nothing on the first one, but Peter Weller still shines, and it serves up some great action and B-movie pulp. Plus, it was co-written by Frank Miller, so it naturally has a bit of a comic book feel to it, which works (mostly) in the picture's favor.
November 13, 2014
Similar to it's predecessor, but more crazy, more schlock. and not as well structured (the storyline falls through about half-way). But still cool sci-fi, darkly satirical, and still containing great over-the-top violent action. A worthy, though inferior, sequel. 6.5/10
November 5, 2014
not as good as the first but still violent as hell.
½ October 5, 2014
It's all dumb-hill from here, as well as being weak, with nasty characterizations, and both performances and unreasonable effects at a poor level. I should've trust my instincts to not watch this movie when it only offers a few seconds of likable action. (C)
September 30, 2014
A dumbed down sequel that keeps some of satire and increases the violence, but ditches the soul and wit of the original. The clash between Robocop and robo-cain is awesome though.
½ September 29, 2014
This was always my shit as a kid but not better then the first one
September 2, 2014
Not as good as the original but still had fun watching it!
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