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April 24, 2016
Incredibly funny, Robot Chicken: DC Comics Special is a hilarious spoof of DC's superheroes and villains. Superman, Batman, Aquaman, the Joker, Bane, the Riddler, Mr. Freeze and others star in this collection of short skits and comedy routines, such as "That's Bane!" and "Real Characters From the DC Universe." In addition to the Robot Chicken cast, a number of guest stars lent their voice talents; including Nathan Fillion, Megan Fox, and Neil Patrick Harris. The comedy, though mostly consisting of slapstick and broad jokes, is pretty good and even delivers some clever satire. Full of laughs, Robot Chicken: DC Comics Special is entertaining and a lot of fun.
July 16, 2014
That was crazy! A great, zany compilation of DC Comics shorts in one hilarious package.
½ October 24, 2013
This was an epic good time!
September 22, 2013
It whont let me look at it
September 19, 2013
Love Robot Chicken and comics but this was terrible waste of time and money....
The skits were not funny and it is a far cry from their Star Wars parodies.
Pass on this one.
September 17, 2013
Prepare to be thrilled by Robot Chicken's twisted takes on all your favorite DC Comics heroes and villains! Watch as Aquaman faces his greatest crisis of all time! (Note: It's not that parasite that swims up your urethra.) See the Green Lantern Corps welcome their newest member - the Robot Chicken Nerd! Witness the evil Sinestro commit Murder - on his own Mustache!

When we use capital letter it seems really exciting! The Robot Chicken DC Comics Special! You might want to buy it! With Money!

stars the voices of Abraham Benrubi, Alex Borstein, Nathan Fillion, Megan Fox, Clare Grant, Seth Green, Neil Patrick Harris , Breckin Meyer, Alfred Molina, Aaron Paul, Paul Reubens, Tom Root, Kevin Shinick, Matthew Senreich, Tara Strong and Zeb Wells.

directed by Seth Green.
September 6, 2013
Bought the BRD on a whim and got several solid laughs throughout the 23-min DC lampooning. The 'That's Bane' joke was my favorite.
August 20, 2013
Great fun! It even had a (kinda) plot to it!
August 10, 2013
i paid that much for less then 23 minutes. hardly worth it
July 17, 2013
If you're a DC Comics fan you have to watch it, I really hope Mr. Green and friends do more of these ones.
July 12, 2013
its not the best but it feels better on repeat viewing
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