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The new, uptight female principal attempts to crack down rebellion in her high school but faces strong resistance from a rock band featuring some wild and crazy rebels. This loose sequel to Rock 'n Roll High School pales both musically and comedically in comparison to the 1979 original.
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Mary Woronov
as Dr. Vadar
Mojo Nixon
as The Spirit of Rock 'n' Roll
Lewis Arquette
as Mr. Cheese
Michael Cerveris
as Eigelbauer
Brynn Horrocks
as Tabatha
Lara Lyon
as Margaret
Steven Ho
as Namroc
Sarah Buxton
as Rita Mae
Danny Dayton
as Mr. Snodgrass
Richard Blade
as Screamin' Steve
Cordis Heard
as Ms. Limberger
Joan-Carol Bensen
as Mrs. Grossman
Linda Lutz
as Mrs. Snotgrass
Jason Lively
as Donovan
Roberta Bassin
as The Witch Mom
Veronica Blak
as Miss Box
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You've got to feel sorry for Corey Feldman. After the big studio films dried up in the late '80's, the child star was relegated to making one or two direct-to-video features a year, but clearly no one told him that he wasn't cool anymore. In the embarrassingly belated follow-up "Rock and Roll High School Forever," the actor seems to be reluctant to admit that the gold old days have come to an end with his ridiculous haircut and Michael Jackson wardrobe. Perhaps even sadder still is the casting of young actor Evan Richards, a blatant Corey Haim lookalike, to further Feldman's denial. The film itself is a name-only sequel with virtually nothing in common with the original film (except for maybe a Ramones poster on Feldman's wall). The music is awful, the jokes are juvenile and any real story is non-existent, as this is your basic "rebels bucking the system" comedy where any actual laughs are nowhere to be found. The Allen Arkush film has hardly anything earth-shattering, but it did have a certain charm all its own. In this, somewhat humorous names (like authority figures named after types of cheese) and amateurish pranks pass for comedy, and even though the Ramones were not the makers first choice to play in the original, you'll miss their style of music here once you see Feldman lip sync to "I'm Walkin." "Rock and Roll High School Forever" will disappoint just about every fan of every genre. It's completely humorless and terribly un-hip.

Timothy Sanders
Timothy Sanders

Better than the usual rubbish from Feldman, without Haim for once although one character sure as hell looks like him haha This looks and feels like a classic 80's naughty romp, a gentle 'Porkies' if you will but nowhere near as good. The plot is basic, Feldman does more Michael Jackson impersonations along with dressing like him again and the pranks are childish but it still somehow manages to just about keep you interested...just hehe Nice soundtrack and an oddball cast do keep this alive but its still garbage frankly.

Phil Hubbs
Phil Hubbs

Super Reviewer

Hilarious in every conceivable way (and some ways that aren't). The perfect bad movie in that there's never a dull moment where something retarded or over-the-top isn't happening.

Aaron Shanley
Aaron Shanley

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