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Rock And Rule Quotes

  • Mok [speaking]: Evil spelled backward is live, and we all want to do that, right?

  • Angel: You could have killed them. You're totally crazy!
    Mok [speaking]: [Flattered] Thank you.
    Mok [speaking]: [flattered] Thank you.

  • Cindy: I have to be back in bed by 12 o' clock. That's when Toad checks in on me.
    Angel: That's too bad, Triss. It would nevermind. With your funk and my... spunk we don't need so much time to find some real hot action.
    Cindy: Hey, you're a little dated for one of Mok's. Do you know what I mean?

  • Mok [speaking]: I'm Mmmok!

  • Mok [speaking]: Anyone want a beer?

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