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July 18, 2016
Solid sequel couldn't wish for it to be better, Well acted and a great fight at the end that will have you jumping out of your seat by the end, There's too many downtimes in the middle but the training montage after the main downtime was great and all is forgiven.
½ July 7, 2016
The first is phenomenal, and two Rocky tries to drink more clearly the source of its predecessor, all the two is like the one of this track (magnificent), photography, script, performances, etc. only the script that changes, but still shows more of the same, he suffers from the lack of novelty, but even so, if rocky one is fantastic,, Rocky 2 is very good.
½ July 5, 2016
It wasn't even close to the first film and it had some very slow parts, but it's a crucial installment to the series. It did have several amazing goosebump scenes though. 3.5/5
½ June 18, 2016
Rocky 2 may seem like a rehash at first, but with enough care for the protagonist to go through
½ June 12, 2016
Very solid follow up to the original.
June 9, 2016
Great film! I prefer this rocky to the first one! And the ended is done so well with the music etc. Look forward to watching the third one
½ June 6, 2016
This movie is less compelling than the first one since it spends most of its time outside of the ring. That said, it is a solid sequel with a decently fleshed out story.
½ June 5, 2016
Orson Welles once said that "If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story." Rocky is among the ten greatest films of all time, and it ended on a high note in every way possible, bringing every plot string to a conclusion or setting it on the upward trajectory that it lets us hope will set the tone for Rocky's life.

This sets an obvious problem for sequels, and Rocky II found out a messy formula to circumvent it. The next four Rocky movies can vary on the theme, but they all revolve around the use of "Diabolus ex Machina," or unlikely plot developments that serve to tear down the story and characters from the high of the previous film so they can be beat up a bit. After that they can be build right back up again for a final training montage and fist fight in time to end the film.

One of the strengths of the original Rocky film comes, surprisingly, from the low budget and rushed nature of the production, which very often forced the producers when confronted by a problem to find a solution that served the narrative, rather than throwing money at it. That's where bursts of genius like the empty ice skating rink scene come from, and what the 7 million dollar budget of Rocky II rendered obsolete.

After all that, however, it concludes in a brilliantly choreographed and photographed final battle that redeems the wi
June 1, 2016
After the massive success of the first film, Sly and the cast all return for the sequel that follows the re-match between Apollo and Rocky and feels like the logical continuation of the story. Rocky 2 is in my opinion, a true sequel, in that it picks up right after the events of the first film and actually takes our characters to different places as their lives have now been changed from the previous events. Not being used to wealth and fame, Rocky becomes addicted to a lavish lifestyle that he can't control and before he knows what hit him, he's been taken advantage of and has to go back to working at the gym as he's lost everything. Rocky's character is very selfish in this film and his arrogance comes to a head when his pregnant wife, Adrian, is forced to go back to work to support their losses and ultimately collapses into a coma due to the strain. This dramatic punch hits you like a sledgehammer and the stakes of the film are forever raised. From here, Rocky has to come out of his proclaimed retirement and get back in shape for the rematch; problem is he's suffered a blinding injury to his eye and Mickey refuses to train him. This is the first film in the franchise that Stallone also directed and you can feel his passion for the story as he knows the character better than anyone and deserves to helm the franchise. This film is a terrific companion-piece to the original classic and it adds new layers to the characters that some sequels wouldn't consider tackling; it falls into the formulaic tropes of the underdog sports film by the end, but the journey getting there is completely earned!
½ May 25, 2016
I didn't hide the fact that I was a bit disappointed with the first Rocky film. It won Best Picture, but I wasn't terribly impressed. I wanted goosebumps, but didn't really get any as the film climaxed. So needless to say, I was far from thrilled about facing SIX MORE installments of this thing. But I figured, datedness--which plagued the introductory chapter so much--will eventually stop being a factor as the movies become newer.

And rightly so, Rocky II is better than Rocky I. There's conflict. There's struggle. There's adversity. And everything that happens--every plot point--is well-deserved this time.

However, Rocky II isn't a perfect movie by any means. Much of the first act is disjointed, but sets up everything that follows well. Picking up right where we leave off in the first film, Rocky is fresh off his fight with Apollo Creed. And although Apollo technically won by decision, the champ is facing scrutiny from the public saying the fight was rigged or that he shouldn't have won.

Rocky, on the other hand, has moved on. Or at least it seems that way. He and Adrian get married and start their lives together. But Creed is taunting Rocky to get back into the ring again for a rematch.

Not that Rocky wasn't already an affable character, but here, we learn more about him, which makes him even more likable.

In this one, the themes are also much more interesting. Much of this film is about Rocky becoming famous and recognizable--automatically bringing more meaning to the first film--but then also shows how easily the public forgets about him and what he accomplished.

One of the great scenes is when he tries to read the lines for a commercial he's doing, but can't get any of them correct. Stallone just plays dumb so well.

Unlike the first, Rocky actually has his back up against the wall. He's being laughed at by his peers, and his relationship with Adrian actually has some issues. It's nowhere near as easy this time around for Rocky. And by now, we know the characters well enough to appreciate it all. After watching this one, I finally got goosebumps--along with a few tears.

Twizard Rating: 92
May 3, 2016
Rocky II (1979) ???
Successful (if slightly silly) sequel continues with Stallone struggling with his family and challenged for a rematch against Apollo. Basically a rehash of the first movie, but done with real charm and panache.
½ April 24, 2016
Se podra pensar que la primera entrega de la saga fue fruto del azar y no del buen hacer. Esta secuela demostr todo lo contrario.

Si la primera nos encontrabamos un perdedor que buscaba una forma de ser alguin vlido, teniendo que enfretarse a la vida y a los que le juzgaban, ahora nos encontramos a un hombre que tiene que aprender a lidiar con el xito fortuito y con aquellos que quieren aprovecharse de l.

Podramos argumentar que Rocky II no es tan excelente como su predecesora, pero lo cierto es que como su protagonista, en algunos elementos es ms madura y mejor trabajada y abandona algo de la ingenuidad de su primera parte.
½ April 20, 2016
This is the natural continuation to Rocky, the rematch where all doubts will be cleared about who deserves to be the champion not for personal glory but for real passion and heart
April 19, 2016
Not as good as the first film, in fact kills some of the whimsy established by the first movie.
March 29, 2016
Love yuh Rocky! This is where he takes the title sorry Apollo!
March 27, 2016
Though not at the level of its predecessor, it fleshes out fascinating elements of the first film, and is paired with excellent boxing sequences. Fans of the first film will enjoy this film.
March 19, 2016
Great movie. This shows what Stallone can do in films
March 8, 2016
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March 2, 2016
More of a coda to Rocky than sparring partner of equal standing, part II nonetheless keeps viewers vested in the continuing saga of the Italian Stallion by deepening the character and then bloodying him up. Taking place immediately after the events of the franchise champ, this chapter asks a lot of the audience, namely cheering for the same fighter in pretty much the same fight with the same opponent even though our titular hero's previous loss defined the character perfectly. Sure, you don't have to win to be a champion, but it's to this powerful sequel's credit that you root for the underdog all over again. Plus, the climactic battle royale makes for some of the most compelling fight scenes ever committed to film.

In this PG-rated sports drama, Rocky struggles with family life after his bout with Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers), while the embarrassed champ insistently goads him to accept a challenge for a rematch.

At this juncture, Stallone runs the risk of making a sophomore slump and lessening the emotional blows landed by the first chapter. By giving more screen time to the wonderful Talia Shire as Adrian, he actually develops the title character even more. Their romance is palpable, as is the hard-hitting re-match. Stallone might have taken over directing duties from John G. Avildsen, but he exhibits a confidence that makes the transition seem seamless and even one-ups the intensity on the canvas.

Bottom line: Much Punch-Drunk Love
½ February 18, 2016
There was not much fighting, but it caught my eye when the final fight started.
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