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January 28, 2016
A bit slow in places but a good ending.
January 20, 2016
It doesn't hit every mark the first film does, but it brings back Rocky, proves to be a interesting story, and a exciting climax. Same great characters. It may be bit of a retreat, and ignores the deeper meaning of the first film, but it's good on its own right.
January 18, 2016
Haven't we been here before? Yes the 2nd film isn't too dissimilar to the first but can you blame them for using the same winning formula that did so well in the original? Make no mistakes, this is still a good follow up. This time we see Stallone's lovable and dimwitted boxer back where he started and struggling for money. He tries alternatives to make money other than boxing but these don't pay off. After being goaded by Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) he comes out of the shadow and walks back into the ring.

Another charming performance from Stallone and the supporting cast that provides the same feel good feeling as the first film. All in all, a good sequel that still manages to deliver a knockout blow.
½ January 17, 2016
Better, but still boring.
January 8, 2016
Rocky 2 sort of plays out like an extended third act of the first film. It has all it needs character-wise (Rocky getting married, the pregnancy, bearing with the post-fight fame, Creed's taste for revenge, etc.). It's definitely passable as one of the better Rocky films with the fight that everyone wants settled conclusively.
½ January 5, 2016
Pretty much a direct continuation of the first movie with slightly better angles since introducing characters in the original Rocky.
½ January 5, 2016
Rocky II was the response from Stallone to give the fans what they want. With the cliched ending all heroes get. It's still an incredible film to see. Showing a side of Rocky we only saw a little bit in the original. However, this film does mark the birth of Rocky Jr. and the marriage of Rocky and Adrien. Definately a must-see.
January 3, 2016
A solid followup even if you can see the outcome a mile away. The script is believable and the characters are still lovable. Not five stars like the original but not far behind.
½ January 2, 2016
"Rocky II" picks up with a recap of the first fight and answers the question of "What happens next?" The plot is well conceived as Rocky retires from boxing and must find work to support his family. This is contrasted by Apollo Creed, who struggles with the naysayers who believe that Rocky should have been awarded the split decision. In true Rocky fashion, The Italian Stallion must come out of retirement to make some money and defend his family's honor when Creed launches a personal attack. I am good with all of this (even the overemphasis on Rocky's lack of education) and glad that there is some action in the first half of the film, but the whole coma thing is way overdramatic. I've come to expect some cheesiness from this series but that was really unnecessary. Still, it is hard to fault a film that has twice as many training montages, a better climactic fight, and an ending that will have you choked up. In fact, the ending of this film is my favorite moment of the entire series. Carl Weathers steals the show just like he did in the original. His character transforms throughout the film and manages to make us love him and hate him at the same time. When you combine his performance with the empathy that we develop for Stallone, there is a lot on the line in the final boxing match. The boxing sequence is just incredible and it is impossible to tell whether they are acting or actually making contact. "Rocky II" is very similar to the rest of the series: It has a few slow points but the final showdown is so amazing that nothing else matters.
½ January 2, 2016
Whilst Stallone is still a talented writer and actor, he seems distracted by the additional task of directing, resulting in an uneven movie that simultaneously coasts, soars and plummets.
December 31, 2015
Put your hands up Rock.
December 24, 2015
A good sequel, but not as good as the previous movie. It was not entertaining and the plot was good, but dragged out a little. The cast was great and the movie was very dramatic overall.
December 24, 2015
The rematch. This fight makes 'The Thriller in Manilla' look like a catfish with two toothless simpletons on the Jeremy Kyle Show. Emotional stuff. That scene with the chase up the steps of the museum of art in Philadelphia goes up a notch.
½ December 23, 2015
Bigger, bolder and better than the first Rocky. This film raises the stakes as the fight between Balboa and Creed becomes much more as personal than before. The story is magnificently told and Stallone is fantastic! This film delves even deeper into Rocky and makes you care for him even more. Sometimes the pacing is a little of and some of the emotional weight that some scenes should carry aren't as affecting as they should be. However the sequence with the theme tune is even better than the first!
½ December 22, 2015
Although cheesy, absurd, predictable, emotionally-manipulative, and completely lacking the grit of it's predecessor, "Rocky II" is still a gripping sports drama with a surprising amount of depth.
December 17, 2015
Not sure if this is the consensus, but I actually think I liked this sequel better than the original.

Grade: A
December 15, 2015
December 14, 2015
"Rocky II" is one of those sequels that is just as good as the original, if not better in some aspects. I can't say it's better than the original because you can't have the second film without the first one. Meaning that this film does not stand on it's own, you need the first film to understand the characters and back-stories of everything in this film. But all in all, I think "Rocky II" is slightly more enjoyable than the original "Rocky".
December 13, 2015
A fantastic sequel, pushing the narrative and commentary forward. Only small poor choices in a tremendously strong feature.
December 13, 2015
Final fight is great
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