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April 29, 2010
But for the horrible television recording of this live last show of Faces, this could have made a 100% rating. I nearly gave it a 60% because of the wretched filming of this frantic, wild and otherwise excellent concert.

Anyone that thinks they know Rod Stewart after he left as the lead singer of Faces and before that with Jeff Beck, just doesn't know Rod. They nicknamed him the Red Rocker, long before Sammy Hagar ever lifted a guitar pick.

One of the original wild men on stage, Stewart shows off all that trademark wiggle butt showmanship he was famous for back in the day. A wonderful look backward when rock was really rock, not the fireworks, laser show of today.

Rolling Stones' Keith Richards makes an on-stage contribution as does the band's and Rod's long time friend Ron Wood.

The filming of this last live concert was the worst of the worst. Thrown in for bad measure was the psychodelia touchs of graphics in the beginning of the dvd.

Distributed by a North Carolina Ivy Video, this cover art is just awful and rank amature. Appears to be pirate.

I suppose we ought to be grateful of anything recorded when rockin' Rod was at the peak of his career, this dvd takes some great handicap to watch, visually and audio wise.

Color, 75 minutes. No mention of stereo, as it was most likely monoral anyway as a concert. No dolby, no 5.1. No special features. In fact, the back cover has several typing misspellings.

Recommended for students of Rod Stewart musical career, anyone else might like the performance, but the filming of this was less than average.
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