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May 7, 2011
A gala and very lively night for Rod fans. Huge backdrop electronics are SO unique for a concert. No fireworks, this is very tastefully done and stunning.

In the beginning old Rod has lost a piston along the way, he looks mighty famished and skinny here. He wears jeans and a t-shirt ot a mostly black tie crowd at the formal and prestigious Albert Hall in London. But he does get energy half way through the concert. He again looks just fantastic.

There are a few, just minor, critical comments here. Rod in the first third of the film appears on his death bed. His hair, a trademark in the past, is wet and with no life. In the second half, his co-singer Christie Hinds of The Pretenders, comes down a long staircase in jeans and boots. Just SO inappropriate in such a gala event, since Rod had black tie and tails.

But age don't keep him from the ladies. The crowd shots of wine drinking glamorous females makes us want to bottle his charm. A big hit of the evening was Rod and Hinds singing AS TIME GOES BY.... a highlight for me of course.

Stewart always had a way with the chicks. This film late in his career proves it. He packed in the lovlies by the dozens. They love and adore this gravel voiced, rooster with the great hair.

And rightly so. Over the rock years, no one has withstood the sands of time better than Rod Stewart. While all the other rockers get fat and out of shape, I can think of a few that did not. One is Born to Be Wild, Mr. Steppenwolf himself, John Kay.

The other is Rod Stewart. Ringo still is pretty trim too.

Back to One Night Only.

I can say I have watched this only a few times. Something about it is too over the top. We don't have a band here. We have a huge production. 60 piece BBC orchestra backing unkown band members. Aside from a Ron Wood cameo appearance, who are the other people backing Rod?

And then we have the guest of Rod, a gal he finds in the back alleys of London somewhere, Amy Belle. In all her sexy costume, she seems such a feather weight singing I Don't Want to Talk About it with Rod. But still, this is a very heart wrenching duet. I wonder what ever happened to Amy.

The ridiculous set with Pretender Christie Hinds in boots singing As Time Goes By was both embarressing and awkward. Who ever arranged this?

But the highlight and BEST part of the entire concert was two gals, one that played an outstanding saxaphone and another that played briefly bagpipes, of all things.

Here is the song list as preformed in order:

You Wear it Well
Some Guys Have all the Luck/ Addicted to Love (a Palmer song)
Handbags and Gladrags
Reason to Believe
Stay With Me (with Ron Wood)
Rhythm of My Heart
Hot Legs
First Cut is the Deepest (an ode to first love)
You're in my Heart

Now for the American Songlist and costume change to formal (Rod's attempt at crooning):

They Can't Take That Away From Me
Blue Moon
What a Wonderful World (a Louis Armstrong classic)

As Time Goes By (duet with Christie Hinds of the Pretenders)

For Sentimental Reasons

(back to Rod's hits):

I Don't want to talk about it (duet with Rod's find, Amy Belle)

Maggie May/Gasoline Alley (with Ron Wood)



All in all, despite my cheap shots, this is worth owning for devotees of Stewart. A big expensive show in Albert Hall, London...
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