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February 23, 2014
I have this on a DVD, but would watch it many more times if it ever becomes available for download. The description explains how a good recording of the original was not done or possible back then, but I wasn't born in 1957. This must have aired again circa the 1970's. I had the album, then the CD, and always remembered it as a favorite. In the late 90's (?) I finally saw it again in the archives of the Museum of Radio and Television in NYC.

I know every word to every song, and am so happy to have this available to watch. Ever the hopeless romantic, my top two favorite songs are "ten minutes ago" and "do I love you because you're beautiful" and "a lovely night".
November 26, 2012
classic movie! well done with julie andrews
½ September 4, 2012
This is, in my opinion, the best version of Cinderella!
June 22, 2012
I love this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
½ April 9, 2012
best cinderella i know
½ August 4, 2011
That best Cinderella that I have seen yet.
January 9, 2011
The quality of this DVD transfer was so poor I couldn't sit through more than 20 minutes. I understand this film was made in 1957, but with all the technology we have available today, this is pretty much unacceptable. You're better off seeing an updated version, or better yet, the live stage version. I saw a live production of this recently that was miles better than this one.
½ January 2, 2011
Julie Andrews is fantastic, as usual, but there were a few weird things in this version. Why would Cinderella want her stepmother and stepsisters for bridesmaids in her wedding? The fairy godmother doesn't have a wand so much as a baton that she keeps twirling like she's a majorette. Also, you can tell it's a live show because the prince messes up one of his songs in a couple places.
½ November 14, 2010
They've done it live TV in 50s watching millions. Somehow it's hard to believe there is no second cuts, no repeating, just right here right now.
Also I still amazed by the talents of Rogers and Hammerstein - the music catch so quicly and the lyrics is so wise and genial.
Of cause limited space and live performance do not let to make it as precise and developed as it could be but knowing they've been doing this live makes it even more thrilling. And of cause the whole centre of the show is Julie.
September 10, 2010
I like the soundtrack more than the movie.
Super Reviewer
½ September 8, 2010
it was totally was not what i was expecting it to be.
June 12, 2010
Argh, we watched this in Choir class last year. The quality was TERRIBLE and it was cheesy as heck. As much as I adore musicals and Julie Andrews, no. Just no.
½ March 7, 2010
Adorable and cheesy in the best 1950s way, this was filmed and broadcast to a TV audience of millions in its day. Very cute, and will fill you with a happy exuberance and a joy for life!
February 20, 2010
lovee julie andrews! :)
½ January 22, 2010
I was in a high school production of this, and I've seen most of the original broadcast. It's fairly primitive, and the material isn't that great to begin with, but it's decent enough.
October 13, 2009
Ah, they sure don't make fluff like they used to :-) I enjoyed it and all because Julie Andrews has a wonderful voice, but you got to admit it's nothing but fluff, and so sickenly sweet to boot.
½ February 15, 2009
The most famous version of "Cinderella" at the date of this production must have been Disney's exquisite movie. It is a Herculean task to better that one, but, Hammerstein wrote, "Impossible things are happening everyday", which ethos may well have been in the writer's mind, especially as they have the current mega Broadway star Julie Andrews in the lead. The story of "Cinderella" is a simple one and it was a right decision of Rodgers's and Hammerstein's to avoid conflation. They conform to the traditional story, taking no more liberty than such as a little blowing-up of the character of the Fairy Godmother, comparable to the little cat-and-mice antic which had successfully enlivened Disney's version. What was created is even more musical than Disney's, and magically so in every sense. Per arias in operas the songs convey wonderfully emotional dimensions. The character of Cinderella is established as a dreamer - which it is tempting to suppose an indebtedness to Disney's - in no other more means than songs. Even more so than in the celebrated "The Sound of Music", the lyrics are remarkably expressive, yet so simple that you could almost really believe they are improvised. The music carries the same graceful and elegant air as in Disney's film, only, without the more sinister moments, even more dreamlike. The libretto is quite incidental, and the rooms (or room?) in which it was all performed are clearly strait, not least that the quality of the film is quite dire even for the 1950s. But the glorious music does whatever is left undone by the book, particularly when one of their performers - all of whom are excellent - is none less than Julie Andrews, and her radiance and liveliness, along with the excellent supporting cast, produce the sheen in lieu of the black-and-white filming and subdued set and costume of this little gem.
February 11, 2009
wonderful! i love Julie Andrews... and then it'll have you singing, "the prince is having a ball!" for the next week! haha! great production.
January 23, 2009
I cannot believe I have not seen this yet! Well...there are so many great films out there and o so little time to watch them all!
Super Reviewer
January 14, 2009
Really boring! (No offense, Julie Andrews is amazing in it!) But I prefer the one with Brandy, Bernadette Peters, Whoopi Goldberg, and Whitney Houston.
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