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August 1, 2010
This mid-seventies Italian crime production is very much what it should be, but not much more than that. It contains everything one has seen in similar movies (and thus expects to see again), but not much one hasn‚??t seen yet. Entertaining as it may be, it is very much Commissario Betti (Maurizo Merli) against the criminals in a battle one just cannot win, not in a police capacity nor as a vigilante. The problem is that this movie has no interesting, well-constructed plot ‚?? it is rather a succession of violent incidents that tends to lead to an insurmountable spiral of violence (as Betti‚??s colleague Biondi, played by Ray Lovelock, points out in the final scene). This warning by Biondi made me think about the film‚??s message: does one have to stop fighting the inevitable and surrender to it (which is not the usual message in such movies) or rather the opposite? The answer remains unclear to me. In any case, we are treated to the usual action scenes in ‚??Roma violenta‚??: thugs in balaclavas robbing banks, supermarkets, bus passengers, stores, etc., hurting innocent bystanders in the process, either by accident or in cold blood. In the last case, Betti has no scruples in taking his revenge, which his superiors do not take kindly to. The violence can be excessively cruel, ranging from hostages being thrown out of moving cars, killing school kids with machine guns just to shake off the police, and raping a young woman in front of her father (one does wonder why the girl doesn‚??t lock herself in a room and phone the police instead of trying to interfere ‚?? once we‚??ve seen her entering the scene in that conspicuous red dress we just know it is going to be ripped off, she won‚??t be wearing a bra and the inevitable is going to take place). In other words: violence galore behind a background of beautiful street views of Rome, just as it should be. My favourite scene is the one in which a policeman disguised as an old woman fights off some bagsnatchers in view of several bystanders, who congratulate him on his success afterwards.
July 6, 2010
italian crime superstar shows just how its done bitch slapping the hell outa the bad guys, add live like a cops ray lovelock and you've got one of the best italian crime films i've seen. a personal fav.
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