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December 21, 2016
Straightforward conversation between Polanski and his longtime friend and colleague Andrew Braunsberg, filmed while Polanski was under house arrest in Switzerland. There's little that is revelatory, but it goes a long way to humanise and explain the man.
July 29, 2016
A life of an artist in front and behind of the Lens.
February 1, 2016
Doc is all about taking side, don't even fantasize or believe it is absolutely fair & justifiable.
That said, this one still does help a lot understanding the story of Roman Polanski -- in his words.
August 10, 2015
Interesting and somewhat tragic life.
½ March 21, 2013
Candid chat provides welcome insight (and remorse), but travels well-worn ground and plays like a DVD extra.
½ May 25, 2012
Found the Jewish ghetto story even more terrifying when told this way than in "The Pianist".
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